Software Project Manager Job Description


If you are into IT and you are familiar with software matter, we seriously want to meet you. We are a growing company in software industry and we are looking forward to finding a reliable and skilled Software Project Manager to join the board. The main responsibility is to provide the needed consistency to see and oversee software projects from the beginning to the end.

The responsible manager should posses a combination of leadership ability and technical knowledge. Since the person will have to oversee and monitor both the project and also the people involved in the work, this is not a job for everyone. In fact, it takes only a special individual to manage it through. Moreover, the manager usually spends their full time work within the office environment although it is also possible that they have to work overtime. Overtime situation is quite common when the deadline is close or when there are problems arising.

Career advance is possible, especially if the software project manager has spent years in the field. The individual may move up a ladder to Software Engineering Manager or Senior Product Manager. If the person is able to show impressive work, such an advancement is always possible and open.

The Duties and Responsibilities

Basically, the main tasks of the manager depend on the clients’ requirements and the wanted outcome. But then again, there are some basic and standard performances that are expected from most software project managers, such as:

  • Able to understand the purpose of the projects. Once the manager understands the needs of the project and what to accomplish, the person can guide the team and provide the needed result.
  • Know about financial management, especially in creating budgets (along with their limitations) to allow such a project to be implemented
  • Communicate with the higher executives as well as the software developers to collect information, data, and input
  • Able to come up with a solid plan that can be turned into satisfying outcome and results. It includes the ability to break down the project into different kinds of elements, such as creating a timetable, developing progress’ checkpoints, and assigning different tasks to different team members
  • Act as the bridge that connects all the important elements and factors. When the tech departments suggest a change, for instance, or when the client has a new wish, the manager should act accordingly and properly
  • Provide status reports that update and provide a progress info
  • Monitor and oversee how the project goes. The manager is responsible to see whether the project meets the required expectations and satisfactions. It includes making important decisions of which test to do or check the quality result.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Posses a good communication skill with fun and adjustable attitude.
  • Have a good organizational and managerial skill to connect different kinds of people as well as different kinds of departments
  • Have an impressive leadership skills that can steer and monitor the project and its running
  • Have a multitasking skill to manage different kinds of work as well as working with various people
  • Bachelor degree in Software Development, Computer Science, Information Technology, or Software Engineering

Please send your CV and a resume to: before May 19th.

Software Project Manager Job Description
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