20+ Wedding Program Template

Preparing a wedding party can be a tiring activity which leads you to a stressful condition because you have many things to handle. You need to think about the invitations, the wedding ceremonial, the wedding dress, decoration and so on. One of the most important you should pay attention to is your guests as you have to give a nice impression on your big day. Hence, you will need something that can lift your burden a bit, for example getting a wedding program template. This is a crucial thing because a wedding program will help you add certain details and make your guest feel included in the ceremony.

What Is The Wedding Program Purpose?

Even though the wedding program is not required, this stuff is very useful and you might need it very much, especially if you are in the following condition:

  • You will have multi-cultural guests and a traditional wedding ceremony.
  • You will have a very large wedding ceremony which your guests probably have no idea about the party.
  • You will have a long wedding ceremony that your guests need to follow it.
  • If you have many guests to thank.

Somehow, a simple wedding ceremony generally will forego the wedding program and this is always a good idea if you make it as the wedding souvenirs. Your guest will appreciate it. Moreover, the medium paper is always affordable and you can design your own by downloading wedding program template.

Do I Really Need A Wedding Program Template?

Apart from the big and long wedding ceremonial will be, there are some benefits you can get. Somehow, this leads to confusion whether you really need a wedding program or don’t. The following tips probably will help you decide.

The Complexity of Your Program

You probably are planning to have a minimalist wedding party with short readings and songs. It is always wise to skip this.

A wedding program will help the guests know who is helping you walk down the aisle. But if you forego it, you still can post it on the website.

This Lasts As Long As Your Ceremony

Some guests love it as the souvenirs, but some others might leave it on the seat, but this is OK. A wedding program is affordable and you also can design your own by using our wedding program template that can be customized.

What Are The Elements of Wedding Program?

  • The cover- This includes the names of the couples, date, location, the ceremony time, pictures and design.
  • The order of events – List the information about processional music, greeting, readings, prayers, exchange of vows until recessional music.
  • Members of the wedding party – This includes the names and its roles in your wedding party.
  • Program elements – if you still have space, you can include the non-essential elements.

Then, once you have done making the list, you can pick the wedding program templates in our pages and download it for free. Feel free to customize our design with your ideas.

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