20+ Table of Contents Template

Make A Quick TOC with Our Table of Contents Template

Apart from the long writing, you must hate the table of content (TOC) because this often drains your emotion. The making always looks simpler but this takes most of your time to adjust the outline and the margin. Therefore, with the help of contents template, you will save your time because this can be customized.

What Is The Table of Contents?

Table of contents is a list of outline in your book to ease the readers look up the subjects and find out the material. This also tells the structures and a quick display about the book. However, the details are not always be shown clearly. Usually the longer the book, the shorter details were given. In the printed table of contents, the form will tell about where the page starts, but when it comes to online writing, this will be referred as links to each subheading.

How To Make Table of Contents

You can make a table of contents manually by using Microsoft Word. It is a bit tricky and stressful for some people especially if they have so many subheadings. Connecting the dots and using spaces will take a lot of time. If you are using Microsoft Word, you can follow this guideline:

  • First of all, you have to start the Word and point to the empty page where you want to make your TOC.
  • Go to the ‘insert menu’ then point your cursor to ‘Index and Tables’. After that click it.
  • After that, click Show Outlining Toolbar (note: if you are using the Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010, skip this part).
  • Right in the Index and Tables, select the option that you can make your TOC.

How To Use Table of Contents Template?

We provide you with the most stylish table of content and you can just download it for free. The tale of contents templates is easy to use and customized easily.

  • You can simply select the text on where you want to make it appear.
  • You can click the style on the home type.

What Are The Benefits of Table of Contents?

The table of contents templates sounds very technical, but if you look at this further, this will level up your professionalism and ease your reader. There are actually six benefits you can gain using the TOC.

  • You will make a nice impression because this is more professional that will ease everyone to understand what you are talking (at glance) without reading the whole book. This is also a way of teasing the reader.
  • It helps you arrange the material and organize it so you will not miss out anything important.
  • This will help the reader manage their expectation. By knowing the table of contents, they can easily figure out what are you going to talk.
  • Help the reader be familiar with your point inside the book.
  • TOC can make the discussion easier. Just imagine if you don’t have the table of content.
  • The table of content will complete your outline.

With its many benefits, it so shames when you skip it. Just download the table of contents template on this page for free and you can make your own TOC instantly.


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