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Sample Training Manual and Important Things to Know Inside It

The training manual is an important document used in the field of organization. Well, the training manual will provide the content and the information about how the employees should go and do about their work. Based on its importance, knowing about the sample training manual is also importance.

In common, the organization will consider this kind of critical document. A main reason to apply this document is because it could ensure the smooth work flow, especially when the employees leave their jobs and the employees take over it.

To know more about it, here we will talk about the details of training manual. For those who are curious with this matter, you may take a sit and read some following writings below.

How to Write Training Manual?

Based on the brief explanation as above, we may see that this document is important, especially in the field of organization. Well, based on its fact, knowing the ways to make good training manual is also important to know.

To make this kind of document, there are some basic elements that you need to include inside it. The kinds of basic elements of it are:

  • Introduction – the first matter is the introduction. It should be minimal and tells the things clearly. In this case, you need to make an interesting introduction, so you will get the attention from the readers.
  • Instruction – the second element to include is the instruction. This element is important in order to help the employee do the detail task inside the manual.
  • Objective – the next element is the objective. This third element tells about the defined goals and targets. Of course, the goals and targets should be written well and clear, especially for the specific program.
  • Module content – the next element is the module content. It is the primary focus of the manual. This element tells about kinds of program inside the organization. It will be useful, especially for the new employees to know more about their organization.
  • Survey – the next element inside the manual is the survey. It tells about the assessment. This element also includes in critical elements, especially for the training program. This matter will be effective in order to support the programs.
  • Summary – the summary tells about the main points of the module. In other hand, it also consists of the follow-up steps. By the steps, of course the manual will be useful for the employees.
  • User profile – next element of manual is the use profile. Of course, it is an important element of the manual in order to show the detail identity inside the organization.
  • Visual progress tracker – in order to value whether the manual is working well or not, there is the visual progress tracker. This element is important in order to track the progress of the employee in doing their jobs.

Well, that is all about the training manual that you need to know. It is an important document in order to teach the employee. You may do some researches in order to find the right sample training manual.


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