Print Release Form Sample

Print Release Form Sample

Print release form is a kind of form that functions to give someone permission in case to reproduce images for personal use. Here, the key term is about personal use. This form grants a business entity, photographer or specified individual.

How to Make a Print Release Form

First of all, you have to know when a print release template is needed. It is needed when an individual image will be utilized to get profit such as publication, service promotion, money, etc. It is not needed when about in public and taking pictures out.

To make this release form, there are some steps to follow. Firstly, you need to download an appropriate form of print release. There are many types available so that you have to choose one depending on your purpose.

A photo release form mostly includes the following kinds of general information. For the names, they include the photographer and model. You cannot skip the address & phone number, too. Then, add description, validity longevity, detailed use, and participation conditions.

Secondly, you should give the clear instructions to the releaser or the client. In this case, discussion is very important. The discussion may talk about the image, distribution intention, and payment. It may also relate to the royalties.

One more step is to sign & start taking photos. Both releasor and releasee must sign the form and they can begin taking pictures. Make sure that the photographer has big and safe folder to store the photos taken. It is easy enough since the photographer has good experiences.

If the release form will involve an illegal age subject, a legal guardian or one parent is required. He or she also must agree and sign the release form. Different countries may have different determinations about adulthood. Anyway, emancipated minor won’t require extra signature of parent / guardian.

If you still do not understand how to write a release form, here are the tips you can follow. First of all, you should download the release form in Open Document Text, Microsoft Word, or Adobe PDF form. You can choose your desired format.

After that, the releasor should start filling the form by giving the following information. The information should include name, street, city, state, releasee’s name, and photo description. Some additional information may be needed but they are the basic ones.

Now, the releasor should choose one of the options available to indicate if there is something to be paid or not. If there is a released photo to be paid, it should be provided in the release form. In “Royalties”, releasor should choose the option to specify if there is a royalty payment or not.

The next step, the releasor should indicate if they can revoke the rights to the photos once released or not. Lastly, it requires both releasor & releasee to give their signatures & printed names before entering signatory date. After filling all those, your print release form is finished. Check again before printing out.



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