Writing Tutorial of Resume for Bookkeeper Which Attract Many Interviews


A bookkeeper might sound unfamiliar job for people. For your information, the bookkeeper has had others similar title name, such as accountant and account payable specialist. So most of their job description is identical to an accounting job. This job isn’t only suitable for those who had a financial or accounting degree, but everyone who had passion and specialised skill. Before you start applying, you need to know the writing tutorial of Resume for Bookkeeper which attract many interviews. So let’s read about it below.

Best Resume For Bookkeeper Writing Format

The excellent layout or format of a resume will attract more attention to hiring managers and increase the chance of interview too. There are some of the things that you need consider before starting to set up the layout, those things are:

  1. Use Simple Format

The most popular format for the resume is the one which had two columns with sufficient white space. It makes your resume simple, tidy, and clean.

  1. Choose Right Font

The resume font is vital, so you need to choose it carefully. Choose the font which clear and readable. You also can use several kinds of font that similar.

  1. Pay Attention to The Font Sizing

Besides the kind of font which we use, the sizing of it also important. The 12 or 14 font is enough and easy to read. To make it looks professional, you can add headings too.

  1. Use Contrast Colors

Your resume shows how your characteristics look like by its colour choice. We recommend you to apply colour with colour palette guide online for the best result.

  1. Save It in PDF

After you made your best version of resume make sure you save it in pdf format. It will preserve your resume so the form won’t change, even it opens in a different gadget.


Best Content Of Resume For Bookkeeper

The content of resume for bookkeeper should cover any experience, skill, passion and anything which related to this job. If you need a guide to let’s see our Writing Tutorial of Resume for Bookkeeper Which Attract Many Interviews here:

  1. Highlight Your Qualities

Qualities are essential but don’t write all you have in there. Be wise and only print the qualification which mentioned in job vacancy.

  1. About The Job Experience

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t any Job experience as a bookkeeper, you can add the experience from a similar job or internship, such as accounting.

  1. Highlights Your Best Skill

If you are a numerical person, having the good eye of details or good analysing skill that is all can you mention in your resume

  1. Pay Attention to Up Front Part

The upfront part of the resume is the part which attracts more attention. So write your best objective or resume of summary there.

That is all about the Writing Tutorial of Resume for Bookkeeper Which Attract Many Interviews from us. Hope our resume writing tips will help you to write your resume. Remember to be creative but don’t make it too much.

# File File size Downloads
1 Assistant Bookkeeper Resume 295 KB 206
2 General Bookkeeper Resume 54 KB 193
3 Entry Level Bookkeeper Resume 38 KB 186
4 Certified Bookkeeper Resume 32 KB 301
5 Accounting Bookkeeper Resume 12 KB 203
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