Sample Physical Exam Form

Physical Exam Form and Things to Include Inside It

Do you ever hear about the physical exam form? Well, the form of physical exam is a blank form and format. The main purpose of this matter is to tell you about what to fill up in each blank space. In other hand, this document is also useful to make complete report of physical examination.

In common, this blank is applied by someone in recruitment process, go to somewhere for different purpose and others. Of course, talking about the form of physical exam, there are many kinds of form that you may find with the different specific format based on the purpose.

To know more about it, in this occasion, we will talk about some details of physical exam form. Yes, by telling the detail of the form, I am sure that you may know more interesting facts inside it.

Kinds of Physical Exam Form

As we have said before, the form of physical exam is an important document in order to seek the information about physical, especially in recruitment process. By the kinds of form, of course the detail information about physic could be known well.

However, before talking more about the detail of physical exam form, there are some kinds of this form that you need to know. By knowing the kinds of the form, of course you will be able to find the most appropriate form to applied based on your needs.

The kinds of form of physical form to know are:

  • Employee physical exam form
  • Immigration physical exam form
  • Sport physical exam form
  • OSSAA physical exam and consent form
  • Athletic physical exam form
  • Annual pre-participation physical exam form
  • And others

Seeing the explanation as above, we may see that there are some kinds of the form of physical exam to know. The kinds of form are differentiated by the detail purpose of it and the institution.

Basic Elements of Physical Exam Form

The form of physical exam is an important document that you need to know. Well, since it is important, it will be good when you also know the elements inside it. I am sure that there are many different elements inside it based on the kinds of form that you will use.

However, for the basic option, there are some elements that you need to know inside it as:

  • Inspection – the first element is about the inspection. As its name, this point is used to inspect or to know the condition of people based on something that is visible. For example, this point tells about the condition of skin, face and eyes, legs, muscles, chest and others.
  • Palpation – the second element is the palpation. It is the physical exam done using the hands to feel the abnormalities. Some matters to check with this way are lymph nodes, chest wall, abdomen and others.
  • Percussion – this element tells about the exam done by the tapping matter. In this case, this method could be used in order to know the condition of heart, lungs, neck or the abdomen.

Well, that is all about the physical exam form that you need to know. In order to help you in making it, you may do some researches in order to find the sample of the form.


employee physical exam form

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