Personnel Manager Job Description


We are seeking for a professional and dedicated Personnel Manager for our department. We are a growing company in needs of professional fresh thinkers that can help with our projects as well as interacting with clients. Since service and performance are the two most important focuses for us, we are looking for individuals who share the same thoughts and principles.

The responsibility of the manager is to manage and direct people in the company and place them in the right place according to their qualifications and skills. Not only the person will be responsible in hiring and recruiting the staff, they also have to know where to place each individual on the right spot. Basically, the manager has to attend to the existing staff and workers while attending the new ones too.

For this position, we are looking for an individual with high empathy and the ability to spot on other people’s ability and qualifications. The manager should help new employees get used to the new environment and jobs by introducing them to the working setting and other staff. At the same, the manager will also be responsible for the well-being of the existing employees – making sure that all of their needs are well covered.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Manage, direct, and monitor all employees in the company
  • Hire, recruit, and train new employees. It includes setting up training sessions, when needed, or introductory phase for them. Introducing them to other employees and taking them around the company or manufacturing plant is also part of the job
  • Spot and identify a potential talent that can help the company grow and expand
  • Go through application screening to identify a possible candidate and set up the interview
  • Resolve problems, conflicts, and issues among employees or between the company and clients. It includes coming up with solutions when there are clients’ complaints, issues, or concerns
  • Deal with employees documentations for the sake of administrative management
  • Work together with other managers from other departments, for instance, with the General Manager when it comes to hiring or firing an employee
  • Manage and maintain secrecy of employees’ data and confidential information. It includes carrying out a specific investigation regarding an employee and the possibility of him/her violating the company’s regulations
  • Oversee and manage employee termination
  • Provide information or updates to employees concerning policy or regulation changes
  • Work together with senior management to formulate the company’s regulations or policies and then implement them

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Have a past experience in managerial position, at least. A past experience as a General Manager or Human Resource Manager is preferred
  • A familiarity in Human Resource or Personnel department is an advantage
  • Master degree in Business Administration or Human Resources
  • Have a good communication skill, in both written and oral forms, with adjustable flair
  • Have a good managerial and leadership skill
  • Possess a positive charm and attitude that can encourage and inspire others

Interested applicants are encouraged to send a CV and a resume to: Applications are not later than April 4th.

Personnel Manager Job Description
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