Hotel Assistant Manager Job Description


The Palm Grow is a growing accommodation and lodging company that has been around for more than 4 years. Our company focuses on excellent and flawless customer service without compromising performance and quality. We are seeking for a dedicated and professional Hotel Assistant Manager to help us manage our establishment.

The main responsibility of the Assistant Hotel manager is to work together with the main hotel manager when it comes to completing all of the activities. Anything related to the hotel operation and running is basically becoming the load of both the hotel manager as well as the hotel assistant manager. The assistant’s main task is to make sure that everything runs smoothly and well within the premises. The main task of the assistant manager is to supervise the various divisions and smaller departments. They can cover different areas like maintenance, casino, or food and beverage, and much more.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Be in charge of monitoring and overseeing all the activities happening in the hotel
  • Take all the important decisions within the assigned divisions
  • Make sure that all of the policies and rules are well executed and implemented
  • Monitor and observe the tasks of all workers and personnel
  • Come up with plans and also goals to promote the departments as well as improving the service
  • Come up with schedules and assignment of each worker
  • Deal and handle compliments as well as complaints from the clients
  • Come up with solutions or resolutions for the problems presented by the guests
  • Welcome customers and guests when they come into the hotel
  • Work together with the main hotel manager to ensure the safety and security of the guests and also the hotel

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree in Restaurant Management, Hotel, or Hospitality Management. A Master degree will be an advantage
  • Bachelor degree in Business Management and communications will be acceptable
  • Have a past experience in Hotel Management, Hospitality Management, or Restaurant Management, or other related managerial fields
  • Possess a leadership skill and managerial ability
  • Patient, hard worker, organized, and confident
  • Have an impressive both oral and written communication ability
  • Possess a good problem solving ability and logical thinking
  • Have a good customer service ability
  • Able to do multitasking activities
  • Possess the ability to work under pressure or under a stressful condition without requiring any supervision. Minimal supervision is possible
  • Have the ability to work independently as a part of a bigger team to ensure the success of a project
  • Able to work in shifts and also during holidays or weekends


Further details on the salary and benefits will be discussed during the interview

Interested applicants who believe in their abilities and skills are encouraged to send their application to: before June 16th. Applicants should send their cover letter and a CV. A resume instead of a cover letter is acceptable. Write ‘Hotel Assistant Manager’ on the subject to make the screening process easier and faster. Please follow these directions carefully. Any email that doesn’t go with the requirements will be ignored and discarded.

Hotel Assistant Manager Job Description
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