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New Year Flyer Templates for Celebrating the Event


New Year flyer is important to make, especially by the end of the year. In New Year, or the eve, people will mostly go out to celebrate. This is why restaurant, hotels and other places should make the flyer to promote their place. The templates over here are here to help you out making the flyers. Download them all for free down below.

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Using New Year Flyer Templates


How to use the New Year flyer templates? The information shall be found down below. You do not have to get confused, even when it is the first time you use the template. The information about the usage of the templates should be read carefully so that you won’t find any difficulties in creating the flyers for sure.

Download the Template

Of course, the first thing that you need to do is to download the template. However, before that, you need to understand what kind of flyers you need. If the flyer is to promote deals on hotel, you can download the one with the exact same aim. After finding the right one, click on the download link or bottom to transfer it right to your device.


Edit Using Photoshop

For flyer designs, the best format is PSD and if you get the PSD file already, you can just open it with Photoshop. There, some useful tools will be found to make sure that you can change the content of the template easily and change it with your own information. This is the reason why everyone should be able to edit the file with ease.

psd flyer template for new year

New Year Flyer Hotel Templates


A lot of people will spend their time in hotels during New Year’s Eve or on the first day of the New Year. This is why hotels are always promoting discounts and deals for the occasion. This New Year flyer over here can be used by hotels to announce to people that they have special deals as well as discounts for the New Year.

new year flyer template sample

New Year Flyer Party Templates


There is no New Year celebration without party. If you are planning a party for the big night and you are about to invite everyone, the best way to announce the words is by spreading the flyers. As it is New Year celebration, the flyer must have the same sparkling spirits, too. Get the examples and some templates from here.


New Year Flyer Restaurant Templates


Restaurants often offer deals for romantic dining experience during the New Year celebration. Get everyone around the restaurant to understand this information by giving them the flyers. It will help them to make reservation for the dining experience as they have read about it previously on the flyers.


There is no way that you can promote your place’s New Year discount without the help of flyers. This is the reason why people working in hotel, restaurant or clubs need to know how to make the flyers. Make sure that those New Year flyer templates are downloaded first and you can edit it later on to produce a proper template.


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