3+ Legal Service Banner Templates Sample

The Benefit Of Legal Service Banner

Legal aid institution is an institution established to provide legal assistance free of charge to the community or people in need. You need to know that legal aid institutions cannot be found just like that. Still, instead, they must fulfill specific provisions stipulated in the Law on Legal Aid and their derivatives regulations.

Sample Legal Service Banner Template

A legal aid institution must go through a process of verification and accreditation so that the quality of services provided by legal aid institutions is measured. You need to know the requirements that must meet when creating a legal institution, including having a legal service banner, have a manager. Besides that, have a legal aid program; have advocates; registered with a legal aid institution; have a fixed office or location; have handle at least ten cases (legal plans for individuals).


The Purpose Of Legal Services For Poor People

Legal aid institutions positively do not indiscriminately related to the status and economy of the community. Therefore, with this institution, the city is unable to fight for their rights. Well, here are some objectives of legal services banner for poor people or legal plans for individuals.

  1. Increase access to justice for people who have difficulty reaching court buildings due to financial and geographical limitations
  2. Ease the burden of costs that must be borne by the poor economically in court
  3. Provide criminal services to people who seek justice or equal rights and obligations
  4. Provide opportunities for the poor who want to access information, advice, making the necessary documents, and court legal consultation
  5. Increase public awareness and knowledge related to the law through respect, fulfillment, and protection of rights and obligations


The Benefit Of Legal Service Banner

After you understand the importance of legal aid institutions because by using this institution, you can be made secure in fighting for rights and obligations, easy to obtain information related to law and crime, safe to resolve cases, and others. Well, here are some advantages that you can get if you use a legal service banner. Let us see together

  • Provide clear information

The use of flags aims to convey information to anyone who reads it. You can include various writings, patterns, logos, and other images as a support of legal aid information (as needed).

  • Invite the community or other people

Legal aid agencies certainly provide facilities that are easy to use by anyone who needs it. By using the legal service banner, you will know the activities carried out by authorized aid agencies, what types of cases handle, and other information.

  • Can be created

When making a legal aid banner, there are many different forms and designs that you can find on various websites. Besides that, you can find multiple patterns, models, and logos that are unique to social media (for example, Pinterest, Flicker, Facebook, PicsArt, Instagram, and other social media applications).


Sample Legal Service Banner Template

Legal Service Banner Template Sample

Well, that was a little explanation of the benefits of using legal service banner. Hopefully useful.


PSD Legal Service Banner Template



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