3+ Gym Ebook Cover Templates Ideas

Free Gym Ebook Cover Page Template PSD

Usually, someone goes to the gym and exercise, especially to be healthy so that sometimes an ebook cover page will be needed. Healthy living culture is excellent to be maintained, one of them is by exercising.

When you choose to spend more time in the gym exercising, that’s not a bad thing. Some do it to lose weight, and others do it to gain muscle. Everyone must have their respective goals when go to the gym.

GYM Book Cover Template Sample

List of Frequently Used Gym Ebook Cover Pages

Some gym ebook cover page templates will help you to find the best one for you to use. An extensive collection of gym closing templates that you can use on various social media platforms.

  1. Body Shape Gym Cover Design

This template has a black background with the appearance of the back of the body. You can provide information about the group classes that are available for di gym to form a shape. At the bottom, there is contact and the address of the gym.

  1. Gym Cover Book Monochrome Closing Template

You can obtain this gym ebook cover page template in PSD format. That will make it easier to edit every part and adjust to the programs offered at your gym.

  1. Simple Fitness Gym Cover Design

This design can be used easily because it is available in PSD format. With a black background, although simple, this template provides clear information about the programs offered.

  1. Fitness Club Cover Template

Every use of models will undoubtedly be tailored to their goals and needs. You can use this template to provide opportunities for anyone interested in improving body fitness.

  1. Black and White Gym Cover Template

Many gym design ebook cover page PSD will help you to choose the best one of them with a black and white theme. Of course, you will find it easy to convey information about the gym and its trainer.

Adding Images to the Gym Ebook Cover Page Template

Adding images to the gym ebook cover page sometimes requires some special tips. That will help you to get the excellent quality for your cover. These are just a few easy steps to get the best cover for the ebook gym.

  • Comply with the cover image guidelines found on social media, especially for business use.
  • Use several devices that can help you get the image with the best resolution.
  • Always use colors that match the gym concept because the cover image will be an essential marketing tool.
  • Pay attention to the possibility of visitors using mobile devices. Make sure the cover is still comfortable to look at.
  • Use a template that makes it easy for you to adjust the image you want.

The model of the gym ebook cover page helps you to get the best on your design. It becomes essential to announce the existence of your gym and attract more visitors to exercise actively.

Gym Ebook Cover Template Sample 

PSD GYM Book Cover Template

GYM Book Cover Design Ideas





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