3+ Job Advertising Flyer Templates

Job Advertising Flyer to Hire Potential Employee for Your Company

Job advertising flyer is a form of announcement which informs people about availability of certain job position. These templates about job advertisement here in this page contain various designs and formatting layouts in engaging tone. Sometimes, it can be used not only to announce position in certain company, but also to give information about the company itself and the benefits it offers.

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Job Advertising Flyer PSD

Job advertising flyer template is a pre-formatted document to notify that a company intends to hire new employee to perform in certain job position. The employers typically use it to inform and request application from the targeted candidates amongst public.

The flyer should contain basic and essential information about the job to give the readers a good insight about it. If you were making one, make sure you also include specific period for submitting the application, and instruction for the candidates to follow.

job advertising

Job Advertising Flyer Components

There is certain structure that you need to follow to make a proper job advertisement. Include these elements to make a good job advertising flyer:

The job title

The similar job titles could carry different meaning across different industries. For bigger companies or organizations, their human resources department may create the titles for the job advertisement. For medium, smaller, or new companies, they usually take the existing titles from organization chart with the outline of organizational structure. Whether it is a full-time, part-time, temporary or permanent position, the position must be clarified in advance.


The job description

The job description section in the advertisement commonly contains the list of duties and responsibilities of the person who’s in charge of the position. For instance, the job vacancy for the driver may state and require person to drive locally, travel regularly or do long trips frequently. The examples of responsibility would be working in rotary period, working outdoors, or requirement to work at the weekend.


The benefits and pay

Employers are the ones that decide whether they want to put up the salary amount inside the job advertisement. Some might choose to list the pay, some might choose to discuss the salary with the potential hires only. Some also list several benefits they offer such as vacation leave, sick days, health insurance and many others.


The job qualification

Even the entry or basic level jobs have some requirements for the candidates, such as minimum requirement of high school graduates. You may also include certain skills or level needed to apply for the job.

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Job Advertising Flyer Free Templates

The proper job advertisement would focus on the job details in order to be informative for the candidates. The ads will also be more attractive if you put the great pay, interesting benefits, beneficial location, and so on. Instead of trying to be creative in writing the advertisement, it is more important to put out real and specific information.

job advertising flayer

Downloadable Job Advertising Flyer

This page contains various templates for job advertising flyer that you can use for free. Customize the template as much as you want to create a compatible document for your company.

job advertising

job advertising flayer job advertising
job advertising

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