Digital Manager Job Description


Our company is looking for a professional Digital Manager to join our board. We are a growing company that focuses on professionalism and qualified service. That’s why we are looking for a competent professional to help us with our work flow.

The person’s main task is to organize the client’s technical details and projects. At the same time, the individual makes sure that the members of the team will work efficiently and smoothly. The person should also have the determination and the ability to have a unique thinking skill. The person should also enjoy critical and logical thinking, team management, and also organizational arrangement.

Job’s Responsibilities and Duties

  • Coordinate and manage production and beta roll-out releases
  • Plan, manage, and oversee any digital project assigned by the clients, from the beginning to the end
  • Design, plan, and monitor the technical developments. It includes working together with the technical team
  • Implement and manage the life cycle of software methodology
  • Make documents and also reports for project statuses, estimation, and also project completion (and report) paperwork
  • Create, maintain, manage, and develop plans regarding the information technology. Within the plan, it should include project milestones, status of individual task, resource allocation, and completion estimation
  • Check, inspect, and monitor projects for overall quantity and quality assurance
  • Make sure that customers are satisfied through post-project meeting and debrief with the clients
  • Work together with technical team to create (including brainstorm) new testing ideas for the technical work
  • Connect and work together with other parties or other elements to make sure that the project wil run smoothly and successfully

Qualifications, Skills, and Requirements

  • Possess a strong and good communication skill in both written and verbal forms
  • Have an impressive interpersonal and connecting ability that enable the person to work together with different kinds of people and parties
  • Bachelor degree in Engineering or Computer Science, or other related fields. A Master degree is a plus but it isn’t mandatory
  • A legal and valid certification in Industrial Business or Project Management is an advantage
  • Proficient and familiar with related programs, like MS Suite or SharePoint
  • Familiar or experienced with IT standards, like NIST, SSAE, PCI, CSA/CCM
  • Possess a solid HTML ability. Experienced and familiarity with special software like programming language is a plus
  • Have an impressive leadership or decision making skill
  • Ambitious and hard worker. Have the determination in business strategy
  • Possess problem solving, critical thinking, and analytical skill
  • Able to support, encourage, and inspire others with positive attitude and optimistic manner.


Salary and benefits will be discussed further during the interview in details.

Those believing in their abilities and skills are always welcomed to join the board. Interested applicants are encouraged to send their CV, application, and a cover letter to: before June 16th at the latest. Be advised to include a current photo in the CV and not in a separate folder or file. Please write ‘Digital Manager’ on the subject to make the screening process easier. Please adhere to these requirements. Otherwise, your email will be ignored and discarded right away.

Digital Manager Job Description
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