Creative Manager Job Description


Digital Creative Arts is a developing company in creative and artistic industry, determined to deliver the best service only while making sure that the overall performance remains intact. We are in the search of a professional and determined Creative Manager to join the board. The manager will help the creative team with ideas, guidance, and also assistance to start new impressive work and projects.

The manager will be responsible to devise the strategies and concepts for a particular – including the monitoring and overseeing of the progress. The person will have to implement creative vision and become the creative reference points for any artistic plan trying to reach its own way to clients. The purpose is to gain the best result (of the projects) both essentially and visually. It is done to meet the expectations of the customers, as well as driving the sustainable growth.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work together with special account executives to gain clients’ requirements knowledge and also insight experience
  • Implement and conceive guidelines, concepts, and also strategies in different creative projects and works, while overseeing them to the finish
  • Lead creative projects and sessions to produce ideas. It includes leading the brainstorming session and process for the beginning of a project
  • Lead, motivate, and direct teams of art illustrators, directors, copywriters, and other members to help them make use of the abilities and talents within the maximum level
  • Revise presentations and contents, including rejecting or approving ideas as well as providing feedbacks and reviews to the team
  • Monitor the team efforts’ results. It includes proposing actions for the future and the possible outcome
  • Write, create, and design well-crafted and unique copy meeting the clients’ requirements and needs without compromising our own needs.
  • Train, supervise, guide, and monitor subordinates so they can become accomplished professionals

Job Requirements and Qualifications

  • Have good and impressive analytical and interpersonal abilities
  • Able to work under pressure or stressful condition
  • Bachelor degree in Fine Art, Advertising, Design, and other. A Master degree is an advantage
  • Have a past experience in creative field and artistic managerial position, or other related fields
  • Possess impressive organizational and leadership abilities
  • Have the knowledge and familiarity of computer software, like Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and such thing alike
  • Have a good and at least basic budgeting ability to create the issue
  • Have the direct knowledge and also past experience in creative marketing, brand development, graphic design, and marketing
  • Have a pleasant attitude and manner that can inspire, support, and encourage others
  • Possess a positive flair that can affect others in the creative way


Salary, bonus, and benefits will be discussed further during the interview. Further details will be talked up during the session.

Interested applicants are encouraged to send their applications not later than October 17th. Those who believe in their qualifications and skills are welcomed to send their CV and a cover letter to: A resume instead of a cover letter is welcomed. Please include a recent photo within the CV and not in the separate folder.

Creative Manager Job Description
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