Sample Construction Change Order Form

Construction Change Order Form and Some Information to Know

The construction change order form is kind of an important document that is used as the clarification in construction project. As its name, this document is used when there is any change in the order. Of course, it is a legal document and it is able to make a clear transaction.

Something that you need to know, this document is common in the business of construction. It means that changing the order after asking about the construction is common in business. Here, we will talk about some information about the form and how to make it.

For those who are curious with this detail, please take a sit and read some following writings.

Common Reason for Issuing Order Changing

The first matter that we need to know before talking about the detail of construction change order form is the reasons of this issue. Yes, it is important for us to know why customer or other people want to change the order.

Based on some information, there are some reasons why the order changing becoming issue. The reasons are:

  • Inaccurate estimates of the working or the cost of project
  • Poor planning of the original contact
  • An inefficient team that with it, they show unable to complete the deliverable budget and time
  • The changes of design, such as the additional features that are requested after the first planning
  • Poorly defined the scope of project that requires the contractor to add the work to meet the needs of customer
  • The condition of weather that cause damage or delays
  • The errors or omissions happened in the specs or the drawings
  • Unexpected conditions of sites
  • Misinterpretation between the general contractor and the subcontractor
  • Owner wants to accelerate the schedule of the project
  • Equipment failure

What to Include Inside This Form?

Well, as we have said before, this form includes in an important document in order to make a clear transaction of the construction. When you want to make this kind of the document, of course there are some parts that you need to know.

The important part of this form to write in making the good construction change order form are:

  • The project name and address. This matter should be written clearly. It is important because the constructor needs to know the detail information of the project.
  • The name of owner. It is also important part to write. The name of the owner can be used as the way to do identification
  • The name and phone number of person asking the change. Well, the identity of the asker should be mentioned. It is reasonable to be used as the claim or responsibility in transaction
  • A complete description of the planned work. In order to ask the change, the planned working should be explained well. It is important to make a review of the whole planning
  • The revised project. Well, it is the main matter of this form. The revised project tells about things to do in the change asking.

That is all that we want to show and to tell about the construction change order form. In order to help you in making this document, it will be good when you do some researches to find its template.



Construction Change Order Form

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