Property Manager Job Description

Property Manager Job Description

Our company is a growing one searching for a highly skilled and motivated property manager who manages and directs management, especially in relation to residential or commercial properties. The purpose is to maximize and improve customer satisfaction, asset value, and also revenue.

Job Responsibilities

A professional and skilled Property Manager will be responsible for:

  • Maintaining property rentals, including handling filling vacancies and advertising
  • Enforcing and negotiating leases
  • Securing and maintaining premises

Moreover, a skilled and experienced Property Manager would have the responsibilities to:

  • Establish and maintain the rental rate which can be conducted through local rental fee or rate survey. The task includes calculating depreciation, profit goals, overhead costs, and also taxes
  • Maintain property which includes resolving and investigating tenant complaints. This includes planning renovations, working together with snow removal services or landscaping services, inspecting vacant units, enforcing regulations of occupancy, and completing repairs
  • Develop professional relationship with tenants through collecting security deposits or negotiating leases
  • Advertise vacancies in order to attract tenants. This includes explaining services and location perks, getting referrals from the existing current tenants, and showing vacant units
  • Maintain building systems by working together with maintenance services. Supervising repairs would be included in the job task
  • Enforce occupancy procedures, policies, and regulations by confronting violators
  • Secure the premises and property by working together with the security patrol service. This includes maintaining and also installing security devices, responding to emergencies, establishing precautionary policies, and enforcing precautionary procedures.
  • Handle financial arrangement and accomplish financial purposes, including forecasting requirements, paying bills, collecting rents, scheduling expenditures, initiating corrective actions, preparing annual budgets, analyzing variances, and recording any financial activities (including revenue and expenses)
  • Prepare, manage, and handle reports by analyzing, collecting, and summarizing trends and data

Job Duties

  • Manage all of the tasks and activities of the assigned properties and premises
  • Inspect the property on a given regular schedules
  • Arrange maintenance so the property can meet the standards
  • Design business arrangements and plans for the properties so they will suit the customers’ preferences and needs
  • Start, develop, and maintain a productive as well as positive relationship with tenants
  • Manage the financial management and report it on a regular basis – preferably on a quarterly period

Job Requirements

  • Have the past experience handling and managing properties. Having a job as Property Manager would be a plus
  • Have the familiarity and competence with MS Office. Any knowledge and skills in database or software within the related field would be highly advantageous
  • Have a full and complete understanding of property management, including the financial aspects
  • Bachelor degree in related field
  • Have positive attitude and strong determination for sales and marketing.
  • Have good negotiation skill which also includes excellent communication abilities.
  • Have a legal broker or real estate license

Candidates who believe that they have the abilities and have met the requirements are encouraged to send their applications to: A resume alone would be fine but if it comes with a CV it would be even better. Be advised to write ‘Property Manager position’ on the subject. Otherwise, the email will be discarded and automatically sent to spam folder.

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