Product Marketing Manager Job Description

Product Marketing Manager Job Description

Our company is seeking for a dedicated and trusted Product Marketing Manager to join our team and help with the overall operation and management, especially the ones related to marketing activities. The main task and responsibility is to lead the outbound marketing (maybe included sales) activities that can affect the success of the company, especially for the future reference.

The individual will be responsible for introducing, presenting, and improving our products (and also the brand awareness) in various effective ways that can increase sales and strengthen the brand. It is important for the candidate to be a quantitative thinker as well as a creative individual. The person should have a solid and good familiarity with various marketing methods and techniques, including pricing strategies and email campaigns. The main responsibility is to develop the most logical plans and implement the most profitable schemes to promote, improve, and position the products.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Study the company’s goods or products
  • Translate the technical terms or details into users’ benefits in the most effective and easy-to-understand manner
  • Analyze and follow market trends to improve product awareness and functionality
  • Develop the right marketing strategies that can be beneficial for the products. It includes product launching, advertising, and pricing
  • Craft, create, and design interesting messages through various marketing methods and channels, which include ad campaigns or landing pages
  • Test the products’ features. It includes releasing ad copy
  • Evaluate projects and market trends using relevant feedbacks and KPIs from prospective customers and clients
  • Work together with various teams to create, manage, and implement strategies. It includes working together with acquisition, sales, content, product, and design teams


  • Have keen eye for details. Creative individual is preferable and liked
  • Have good and adaptable communication skills
  • Have a background in copywriting and design
  • Have a past experience as a Brand Manager, Product Marketing Manager, or related fields for at least 4 years
  • Have past experience in managing large scale project or event
  • Able to create an effective and positive working condition that supports and encourages the efficiency of the corporate
  • Have a proven track record or history that shows the candidate’s ability to create effective and working marketing programs
  • Have an in-depth familiarity or experience in market setting and analysis
  • Have the experience or a familiarity of web analytical tools such as WebTrends or Google Analytics
  • Able to manage product marketing techniques or tactics such as integrated marketing campaigns
  • Bachelor degree in communications, marketing, or other related fields.  A Master degree will be highly advantageous
  • Have strong and solid quantitative skills and analytical mind
  • Have good project priority and time management ability

Those who believe in themselves and their qualifications are encouraged to apply. If you believe that you have what it takes for the position, send your resume or cover letter along with your CV to: The latest due date is on March 17th 2017. Be advised to include your current photo in your CV. Any application that doesn’t follow this basic requirement will be automatically ignored and discarded.

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