Manager of Operations Job Description

Manager of Operations Job Description

We are opening a position as an Operations Manager for our new manufacturing and warehouse units in Detroit. Our company has its own understanding and terms regarding the position of Manager of Operations job description so make sure that you get a thorough understanding before you decide to apply. It will save your time as well as ours.

Our company is seeking a dedicated, disciplined, and determined Operations Manager who will be responsible in directing, planning, and coordinating the entire company’s operations. The appointed individual should be able to improve productivity, performance, profitability, and efficiency through the implementation of various effective strategies, tactics, and methods. The main task will include training managers, managing a team or a group of manager, and such thing alike. It is a challenge, for sure, but it is worthy once the obstacles have been addressed.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Find a way or come up with a system (or a method) that can improve the operational processes and systems.
  • Make sure that the company’s well-being is being addressed and regarded, and solutions to the issues have been fond
  • Make sure that all processes and workflows are done in the proper and correct manner. The operation should be timely and cost effective – it should go along with the quality and specification requirements
  • Cater to personnel or clients’ concerns and inquiries
  • Contribute to the company’s success and achievements, which includes operational and also strategic objectives
  • Plan inventory, buy materials, and make sure warehouse operation and efficiency
  • Recruit, mentor, train, monitor, supervise, observe, and appraise the human resources
  • Check the quality control and perform to the maximum level. It includes monitor and check of production KPIs
  • Check and monitor financial statements or data, which also includes them to increase, improved, and add profitability

Requirements and Specifications

  • Have a solid and good organizational and leadership skill
  • Have at least basic (and standard) IT skills, such as MS Office, databases, or such thing alike. Any familiarity with other software is highly advantageous
  • Have a past experience as the Operations Manager or any related field. Several years of experience will be a plus
  • Have a good or in-depth knowledge of operation management and organizational effectiveness
  • Have the experience of business oversight and also budget development
  • Familiar with financial practices and business principles
  • Have a good understanding and knowledge of metrics, forecasting, and budgets
  • Have a flawless and excellent communication skills for all levels with adaptable flair
  • Bachelor degree in management, Operations Management, or any relevant subject
  • Have positive attitude that can encourage and inspire oter team members


Salary, bonuses, and benefits will be discussed further upon the interview

Interested candidates who are confident about their ability and experience are encouraged to apply. The email, containing a CV and a cover letter, should be addresses to: on December 1st 2017 at the latest. Be advised to write ‘Operations Manager position’ on the subject to make the screening process faster, easier, and more effective. Any email fail to follow the directions will be automatically discarded and ignored.

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