3+ Wedding Planner Brochure template in PSD

Editable Wedding Planner Brochure Templates

As a wedding planner, you should promote or advertise your services so that people use your services. As we know, many couples spend a lot of money to plan their weddings. To advertise your services, it will be a good idea to use a wedding planner brochure.

Wedding Planner brochure templates Sample

How to Make a Wedding Planner Brochure in 5 Steps

Creating this kind of brochure will be fun if you use our PSD wedding planner brochure templates. It requires you to follow some steps. First of all, you will have to set dimensions. You may consider a brochure that measures 8.5 inches x 14 inches, 11 inches x 17 inches, or 11 inches x 25.5 inches.

Second of all, you should choose a color scheme. Colors can enhance your brochure to impress the readers. In this case, you should try finding the best color that represents your business. After that, you need to select the right typeface so that your brochure will look more aesthetically pleasing.

Then, you can start working on the content. Make sure that you include needed information details to the wedding planner brochure PSD including your business’ name, its address, phone number, web, etc. Last but not least, you should use photography. With a relevant photo, your brochure will be impressive.

Wedding Planner Brochure Sample Templates

This article contains a collection of wedding planner brochure PSD templates. One of the samples is a wedding event management brochure template. Besides that, you can also find a wedding service brochure in this article. The next template is a wedding photography brochure.

Wedding Planner brochure templates Ideas

There are still many other templates that work for a wedding planner. They include a wedding photographer brochure, wedding & event planning brochure, wedding planner marketing brochure, etc. Now, you should find and use a template that is appropriate for your needs.

Wedding Planner Brochure Design Ideas

When it comes to wedding planner brochure PSD designs, there are many ideas you can use. Based on the models, a tri-fold brochure can be considered the most common and popular design. However, a bi-fold brochure is also often used.

Sample Wedding Planner brochure templates

Based on the theme, you can find a fall wedding planner brochure, vintage wedding planner brochure, crystal perfect wedding planner brochure, South County wedding planner brochure, 1950’s wedding planner brochure, professional wedding planner brochure, simple wedding planner brochure, & others.

Editable Wedding Planner Brochure Templates

Creating a brochure is not easy. It can even be frustrating because it takes a lot of time & effort. You can actually create your brochure fast and effortlessly if you use our templates. For your information, all of the templates are free to download, easy to edit, and ready to print or use.

So, if you want to make a wedding planner brochure, you just need to pick your preferred template. After that, you can edit it to fit your needs using Adobe Photoshop. Then, you can start printing it out and distribute the brochure to people to attract clients as many as possible.

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