3+ Fitness Brochure template sample

10+ Customizable Fitness Brochure Templates

A brochure is an important part of a service or business because it becomes an effective tool for branding or promoting. A fitness brochure is very popular nowadays. It is used for the promotion of a fitness center or gym so that people become more conscious about their health.

Fitness Brochure templates Example

How to Write a Fitness Brochure

With our fitness brochure PSD templates, you will be able to create this kind of brochure easily. You can start with your fitness center’s name. To make it look more professional, you should follow it with your gym’s logo. After that, you need to add a short description of your fitness center.

Then, the list of gym training or your gym’s facilities should also be provided in detail. In addition, you also have to give the reasons why people should go to your fitness center. If your fitness center has some things other gyms do not, it will be a plus.

Tips for Designing a Fitness Brochure

The following fitness brochure PSD will be effective to advertise your fitness center because of the attractive design. However, you may need to enhance its design. For example, you can change its color. Color has a big impact on its look.

PSD templates For Fitness Brochure

Besides that, you may also need to edit the font. It does not only relate to the font style but also its size and color. Anyway, make sure that you keep it readable. In addition, you should also add a relevant image. If you add real pictures, it will be much better.

Fitness Brochure Sample Templates

This article contains a collection of PSD fitness brochure templates. One of them is a fitness gym brochure template. Besides that, you can also find a fitness center brochure template. The next sample is a gym center brochure template. A gym health care brochure also belongs to the sample templates.

Fitness Brochure templates Design

When it comes to fitness brochure PSD design, there are many options and ideas available here. Tri-fold and bi-fold brochures belong to the most common and popular brochure designs. Besides that, there is also a square gym brochure that can be your option.

Our templates come with different formats, layouts, and designs. Some other brochure designs are still available in this article. Some of them are such as vintage, modern, simple, minimalist, and many more. Because there are various options available, make sure that you choose and pick the appropriate one.

Editable Fitness Brochure Templates

Sometimes, creating a brochure is quite frustrating because it takes a lot of time and effort. If you want to save a lot of time & effort in creating your brochure, you can use our editable templates. All of the templates re downloadable, customizable, printable, and workable.

That is why you will need to use our templates. After finding the most appropriate template, you can easily edit it using Adobe Photoshop focusing on the color, text, image, etc. When it is ready, you can print it out and distribute your fitness brochure to attract people to go to your gym for doing exercises.

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