3+ Wedding Dinner Invitation Templates Sample

Make a Stunning Wedding Dinner Invitation

Some couples use the same invitation, and others use a separate letter, precisely the wedding dinner invitation. A wedding is a sacred event that unites lovers in a legitimate bond. Usually, after the main event at the wedding, there will be a gala dinner. Dinner events generally hold more relaxed and to further strengthen the closeness between two families. This wedding dinner is not only attended by the family of each bride but also by friends, friends or colleagues.

Wedding Dinner Invitation Design Ideas

Samples Wedding Dinner Invitation

For wedding activities, everything must be perfect, including the invitation. Because the letter must give an excellent impression to the guests. To find a creative wedding dinner invitation PSD design ideas, you can see a few examples of invitations below:

  1. Flower Theme

Most wedding themes are related to flowers. Almost on every side of both the decoration, photobooth, to the letter. Flowers themselves have a variety of different meanings according to the type and color of flowers. To make an invitation with a flower theme, you can choose and combine various shapes and colors of flowers to create an attractive invitation design.

  1. Space

Space shapes used to generate invitation designs. For example, using a night sky full of stars or other celestial bodies.

  1. Characters

Sometimes, marriage also brings certain regional customs. Incorporating elements of custom or tradition into the invitation can be done by making cartoon characters from objects, people, or things that are identical to the customs and traditions.

  1. Ocean / Landscape

Many weddings or wedding dinners currently use free themes. This theme felt to give the impression of fresh and refreshing because it blends with nature. Usually, the event takes place in a pine forest, beach, or garden. Invitation design customized with your outdoor wedding theme.

  1. Simple Template

But if you are a person who does not want to be complicated in matters of marriage. Simple design choices can also be one alternative.


Information Should Include In Wedding Dinner Invitation

When you make an invitation or order a wedding dinner invitation at a vendor, you must research and discuss in detail what you want. It also includes design and information in it. For that, some information that you should know about making this invitation is:

  1. The name of the bride and groom

Of course, at the wedding dinner invitation, there must be the names of the bride and groom, both women and men. It is so guests can know the couple who are happy.

  1. Greetings

For guests to feel special, they must attend your event. Use warm greetings. It shows your seriousness in inviting them.

  1. Date and Time

Substantial time and date information so guests can arrive on time.

  1. Place

Information about the location of the wedding dinner included in the wedding dinner invitation PSD.

  1. RSVP

You can estimate the amount of food provided with add RSVP, and guests can confirm attendance before the event.

  1. Simple Map

If necessary at the back of the invitation, add a simple map to make it easier for guests to find a wedding location.

There are many wedding dinner invitation designs that you can use for your invitation. Choose the best to smooth your dinner.


Sample Wedding Dinner Invitation Template

PSD Wedding Dinner Invitation Template

Wedding Dinner Invitation Template Sample

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