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Catering service letterhead used by people who have a business in the field of food and catering. Usually, people use catering services when throwing parties, both birthday parties, weddings, and other celebrations. The main thing that must be given to customers is the taste and characteristics of food that is maintained. A delicious taste using quality ingredients at an affordable cost will make your catering everyone’s favorite. But all that will not be achieved if people do not know your catering. For a successful catering business, you must implement the right promotional strategy. In addition to using leaflets, rack cards, or other media, you can insert promotions through catering service letterhead template PSD.

PSD Catering Services Letterhead Template

Samples Design For Catering Service Letterhead

You can make the letterhead design as you wish according to the characteristics that you want to build for your catering business. But below will be presented several examples of designs that can be your inspiration in making your letterhead.

  1. Food Catering Letterhead

Letterhead usually placed at the top of the letter as a heading. For catering services, the letterhead design that is placed can be in the form of only a logo. If there is no company logo, you can use a logo or illustration relating to catering.

  1. Caterer Business Letterhead

Catering is not only used for party celebrations but several events that are attended by many people. Good food is a must-have. Making a business letterhead caterer can be varied with various designs and colors. You can make stripes at the top of the letter with the name catering service in the middle, this is to highlight your catering. Use this design on several documents such as business cards or envelopes as a characteristic of the catering service.

  1. Catering Service Letterhead Template PSD

Letterhead is placed at the top of the letter, it can be polished or right or left. You can use logos/illustrations that characterize foods such as plates, spoons, and forks as well as the name of the catering service. While information about contacts and addresses can be included in the footer section.

  1. Catering Company Letterhead

A successful catering business can develop into a catering company with more human resources. Of course, the more advanced a business, everything must be upgraded. Included in the letterhead design, you can use a more varied letterhead with a variety of paper base colors and colorful designs.

  1. Wedding Catering Letterhead

If your catering focus is only on weddings. You can create a letterhead design by adjusting the wedding atmosphere. You can use floral accents or romantic soft pink colors with customized font types.

Tips Designing Catering Service Letterhead

To make an attractive and not excessive letterhead design you must pay attention to several things, one of which is the selection of background. Don’t limit your creativity with white paper backgrounds, vary with other colors that aren’t striking. You can also use watermarks as background. Add graphics or illustrations that match the letterhead theme, enter the detailed information in the letterhead. Finally, do a review and assessment of the results of your design.

Sample Catering Services Letterhead Template

For your catering business to progress, you must pay attention to every detail related to the business, including the design of the catering service letterhead.

Catering Services Letterhead Template Sample


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