10+ Wedding Checklist Template

Wedding Checklist Template for Better and Clear Preparation

A wedding is a sacred agenda and there will be many preparations to be prepared. I am sure that every couple wants to have a special wedding party. That is why the wedding checklist template is needed just to help them know what they need to prepare.

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Yes, the wedding checklist is a useful document. It consists of all needs of the wedding to be prepared. Through this document, the couple will know what they need to do and how their progress of the preparation is. Of course, with a good wedding checklist, the party will have a small risk.

wedding checklist in word

On this occasion, we will talk to you about the wedding checklist and how to make it. Read the following writings below to know its details.

Why is Wedding Checklist Important?

As we have said before, a wedding checklist will help you to prepare for the grand wedding party. By using a wedding checklist, all you need to do can be listed and checked maximally, so the risks of fault can be minimalized.

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On another hand, the wedding checklist also will help you to make an efficient wedding party. With the clear listed needs, I am sure that the budget for the wedding also could be made more efficient.

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The wedding checklist also will be useful to help you do some evaluations of your preparation. As we know, the wedding needs many preparations to be done and with the clear evaluations, all preparations can be done maximally.

What to Write Inside Wedding Checklist?

Substantively, you are free to write the detailed points inside the wedding checklist. It is quite reasonable since every couple may have different plans and details of their wedding party.

wedding checklist template free word

However, some points that can be included inside the wedding checklist just as a sample, are:

  • Decide on a detailed budget
  • Lists of the guests
  • Accommodation and transportation for guests
  • Book venues
  • Prepare the wedding decoration
  • Hire wedding planner, photographer, caterers, and others
  • Shop for outfits for wedding
  • Shop for wedding jewelry
  • Plan for honeymoon
  • And others

wedding checklist word template free

Some points as above can be the sample when you want to make a good wedding checklist. Of course, you can make a more detailed list with specific time preparation.

Tips to Make a Good Wedding Checklist

To make a good wedding checklist, these are some tips that you need to know. This checklist will be more useful when you divide the preparation into a specific time. For example, you make the wedding checklist start from 12 months before the wedding day.

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Then, write the list completely. You may discuss with some people just to know what you need and prepare. Make some evaluations when the targets are missed and renew the lists when it is needed.

Wedding Checklist Template PSD Files

On this page, these are some samples of the wedding checklist template that can inspire you to make it. All templates offer the modern wedding checklist to ease your preparation. You just need to click the download button and get the free template.


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Wedding Checklist Template Sample

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