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Company Letterhead Template for A Better Business Relationship

Sending letters becomes the activity that should be handle by the management of the company. However, the letter that is used in the business field is different. It is a formal letter with a clear letterhead there. That is why knowing about the company letterhead template is needed.

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As its name, the letterhead is a part of the formal letter and it is placed at the top of the letter. The main function of this part is to write the default information and profile of the company. Of course, it also can be a clear way to make the readers know the sender of the letter.

Where Can Company Letterhead Be Used?

A common person may only know that the letterhead will be used to make a formal letter for the company to communicate with their partner. Well, it is right but substantively, a letterhead has a larger function than it.

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These are some other purposes of the letterhead, which can be the reason why a company applies it to make their letter. Some purposes to answer where the letterhead can be used are:

  • Writing invoice
  • Minuting meeting or notices
  • Tendering a legal announcement and the statement of inter-departmental
  • Providing the business-related information for the partners and other parties

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Roles of Company Letterhead for Communication

The company letterhead has some roles as the reason why it is applied by the management. Becoming the most basic introduction is the main role of a company letterhead. As we have said before, the letterhead consists of the basic information of the company.

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On another hand, the company letterhead also becomes a symbol of the legal document. This part of the letter will only be found on the legal document. Of course, when there is a letterhead found in a letter, the reader will know how they need to write to answer it.

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The company letterhead also has another role as a sign of professionalism. The appearance of the company letterhead will show how the management manages its communication strategy.

What to Include Inside Company Letterhead?

These are some points to be included in the letterhead to make a clear detail. First, you need to write the name of the company. It is very simple but very essential. Here, write the name of the company completely and make sure that it is readable.

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Then, write the registered location of the company. This point also should be written clearly to ease the people to find where your company is. The registration number of the company also should be inserted in the letterhead.

Mistakes to Avoid in Making Company Letterhead

To maximize the result when you are making the company letterhead, of course, these are also some mistakes that you need to avoid. Color overload is a common mistake that happened. The color is important for the company letterhead but please only use appropriate colors there.

Letterhead free psd template

In making the company letterhead, you also need to avoid writing irrelevant information. Since the company letterhead is important for the formal letter, of course, there should be appropriate information to be written there.

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To ease you in making the company letterhead, you may see the company letterhead template on this page. Get the sample and make your best company letterhead.

Company Letterhead Template Sample

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