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Timesheet Template 25 35
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Signature Card Volunteer Time Sheet 22
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Standard Timesheet Layout 21
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What Is A Timesheet?

A timesheet probably must be in the work office because this will help you record the employee work hours. This is also very beneficial for a certain job like working for a particular client. You can make a timesheet using a spreadsheet or printed paper from the timesheet template.

This is one of the accurate ways to monitor your employee work including when they start working, leaving the office and taking a break.

However, the timesheet is not used to calculate your payroll. This is more like for project management. Mostly the HR Professional will need this to analyze the company’s working management. Generally, there is four type of timesheets including weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and bi-monthly.

What Are The Objective of a Timesheet?

Besides for calculating the working hours of your employee, there are many objectives you can get related with business. The hours provided by the timesheet will give the information to the supervisors which will help them assign a task and also hire a new employee. Besides, this also helps the employee to track their own working hours.

Now, there is so many software that helps the company calculating the working hours. Even some of them are already supported with the fingerprint. So, the employee can sign it using their finger and it minimizes some cheats. However, this is way expensive so using the conventionally printed timesheet is more Favorited.

What Kind Of Timesheet Template That Suits My Business?

There are so many timesheet templates you can use for your business. If you are considering about budgeting, the paper template will be a wise option to keep the accuracy. Even this is the most popular timesheet among companies. Sometimes we find some employee are so lazy to fill the time sheet but you can tell them you cannot complete the payroll if they don’t do it properly. This is for avoiding dispute in the future.


KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly!). This is the principle of making a task in your workplace including in your office which you should provide a simple time sheet so your employee will not get forced to do complicated things. Remember! Not more than 5-10 minutes to fill the time sheet.

Train Your Employee

Then, make sure you also train your employee how to fill the time sheet and they should be on the same page because each department has a different system. This will lead to a headache if they fill it wrong. Even you will force them to work multiple things that will be a burden. Besides, multiple projects also require them to do the same.

Use Reminders

Some people often forget filling the time sheet especially when it comes to Friday. You will need to send a weekly reminder to them to minimize the late submissions.

Easy Code Project System

Remember, never give them a difficult project code system to let them mark the project clearly. You can break them down in few categories.

Overall, if you let them know clearly, everything would be easy and keep reminding them to fill it properly because this is related to their payroll. To get free time sheet template, you can get it in our page.

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