How to Write Strong Resume Objective Which Attracts Hiring Manager’s Attention


Strong Resume Objective seems like a summary of your curriculum vitae. It contains the content of your cv but in shorter ways. The recent studies found that hiring managers only have less than a minute to read or see each CV they got. That is why you need to write it short, useful but attractive too so that you could have a more significant chance in those job vacancy. If you have no clue how to start writing it, let our tips help you to write it down.

Writing Tips For Attractive and Strong Resume Objective

The key to engaging curriculum vitae is a Strong Resume Objective. It is the most potent part which always attracts hiring managers attention. If you want to know how to make it stand out let’s jump into our tips below.

  1. Describe It in Right Format

The resume objective should contain your experience, ability, and skill which is helpful in that job. First, you need to describe yourself and why you deserve or wanting this job. Then connect it with your past organizational or working experience. If you don’t have any experience which related to it, you can highlight your related skill.

  1. Don’t Use Too Much Ordinary Adjective Word

The Hiring Managers might be too bored to read the common adjective word, such as high responsibility, good ability to work in a team, etc. That is bad because it would make your CV looks boring too. We recommend you to write the skill that only matters to the job. The example is, if you apply for frontline, you need to describe more on your communication and social ability.

  1. Keep It Short but Effective

According to a recent study which conducts that hiring managers only has several seconds for reviewing each CV, you need to consider how to write it short but still meaningful yet attractive. We recommend you to write it less than five sentences, but more than three sentences. It’s enough to describe yourself.


Some Recommendation To Write Best Resume Objective

You need to write it carefully because it describes your experience, skill, and others value which is related and vital for the job you’ve applied.

  • Make It Different For Each Job Applicant

Each job positions are having different requirements because it needs different skill and experience. We recommend you to make your CV’s resume objective different for each job vacancy you’ll apply. It will make your resume more focus and straight to the requirements point. That will expand your chance to be invited in an interview or next recruitment too.

  • Use International Language

Some job vacancy requires their employee to be fluent in many languages, such as English, Chinese, etc.

  • Show Up Your Skill

The word is being a valuable skill that people should have nowadays. You can write your resume objective in English or others company which it belongs. It will attract HR’s eyes easily and adding plus value to your CV.

Have you done reading our Strong Resume Objective writing tips? If you did, we hope our tips could enrich your knowledge for writing and upgrading your CV. Don’t forget to gain new experience and knowledge so your skill will be improved.

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