42+ Smart Goals Template – An Effective Way To Reach Your Dream

People dream to be successful, but the ones who fail to achieve their dream are not few. Indeed there are so many factors that determine someone’s success. However, it is not a bad idea if we set our goals into steps so we make reasonable target. Even though it is only a small step, at least we achieve it. Therefore, it is important for you to find the best SMART goals template.

What Are SMART Goals?

A SMART goal is basically a way to help you alleviate the challenge during the process by providing guidance and a certain structure in the projects. The term SMART is actually an abbreviation of Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound which was introduced by George T. Doran last 1981. The definition of this abbreviation is as follow:


The word specific in the SMART goal relates to the specific things we want to achieve and it should relate with’ questions. You have to make sure all of your goals can be answered with the ‘w’ questions. By this way, you can read all the details what you need to plan and accomplish in certain of time.


The word M stands for measurable which you have to set measurable steps. Having a big goal is a good thing and of course, it is so ambitious, but you have to make sure you set your measurable steps.


Break down your dream into goals and break them down again into small steps that are achievable. Skip all things that drain your time and energy a lot.

Realistic or Reliant

It is important to measure whether your goals are relevant and realistic. It is purposed to minimize your disappointment of trying too hard especially when you spend your energy and time a lot for an unrealistic goal. Besides, later you can decide certain solutions to achieve and get rid of the obstacles you are facing once you know the value of your goal whether you can achieve it or not.

Time Bound

In a success, the time matters the most that you have to measure how long your project should be finished. You should be rational about the sources you have, time and energy. It is impossible to meet your goal if you set it too quick with minimum resources.

Why Do We Need To Use Smart Goals Template?


It is important to turn our goals into small steps so we could do the action in an effective way. There are so many advantages you can gain from just filling the smart goals template, which is as follow:

It Makes You Stay Focus

The SMART goals help you stay focus on the important points which need to be finished in a certain of time. By using this way, you can declutter your mind.

This Gives You The Right Direction

If you don’t set your goals properly, you will just walk without a direction. You don’t know the target as well as when you should finish it in a perfect time.

You Will Know Your Priorities

Writing down your plan on the SMART goals template help you set the priorities. It is no doubt that you have a lot of thing in your mind, so the most important thing you should do is set your priorities and finish it in the perfect time.


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