Silent Auction Bid Sheet Sample

If you want to attend a silent auction, you need a form called silent auction bid sheet. You need this because they hold without auctioneer. Unfortunately, many people still do not know how to make it. Therefore, in this article we will share the tips in making this sheet.

Tips to Make a Silent Auction Bid Sheet

The most complete silent auction bid sheet sample includes some lists. The first is desirable items. Here, you have to mention all the valuable items you want. Because there are many items offered, you need to state all of your desirable items.

Besides that, it also includes item display. You need to display the items you choose. It will help you to accentuate those items. You can choose from cases, easels, platforms, and stages wisely to make them stand out & look more desirable.

Then, the main list is about bid sheets. It is where the real auction takes place. They should explain the item name, short description, the value, the minimal amount of bid, and also space for people to note down the names & bids.

Volunteers also belong to the list. In fact, silent auction can be labor intensive. You many need to recruit some well-trained volunteers. They will help with soliciting for the items, management of inventory, set-up of auction and checkout.

The next list is about auction monitors. If it is possible, you can ask volunteers to be the auction monitors. They should keep an eye on all the items & bid sheets. It functions to make sure that the guests follow the auction & bidding rules well.

Another one is checkout area. It is a good idea to have a cordoned off area which deals with the real monetary transaction. It helps to make transaction private and secure. You also need to prepare to deal with credit cards, checks, and cash.

How to Write a Silent Auction Bid Sheet

After you understand the tips above, it is time to make your own. Here is a simple sample silent auction bid sheet. To write this sheet, you can start with the title. You can write “Bid Sheet” or such title. It is better if you include a corporate or even logo.

Below the title, you can write the name of your organization. If needed, you can also state the mission statement of your organization. Then, you should also provide the even name. The date & information of the event should also be provided.

Before you list the name of bidder, you have to provide some kinds of information. They may include the item, donor, retail value, minimum bid, bod increment, and also guaranteed bid price. You are also allowed to provide any other information needed.

Now, you can create a table with some columns. The columns include name, address, phone, bidder and bid amount. It will ease you compare the biding among the bidders. You can consider many aspects to decide which bidder you will select. Now, it is time to create your own silent auction bid sheet.


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