Senior Manager Job Description


Our company is looking for a Senior Manager to help us with the business operation and overall running of the business. Our brand has been around in this industry for almost a decade, and yet, we are always finding a way to grow and develop, as well as expanding the brand to maintain a flawless professional result. We believe that a new Senior Manager will be able to deliver new atmosphere to the business.

The manager will be responsible for different kinds of sectors and departments. The person will have to manage the administration and also establishment of the operational and also professional programs and services. The main task of the manager will focus on the functional areas, such as specialized financial management or administrative arrangement, human resource management, business management and development, and such thing alike.

We understand that the tasks and the responsibility aren’t easy. That’s why we are looking for a professional individual who is able to deal with the challenges and the pressures. The person should be able to handle multitasking load as well as are getting used to work under pressure. Despite all of the burdens and responsibilities, the person should maintain professional flair and positive attitude that can affect the atmosphere and mood within the surrounding environment.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Provide strategic recommendation and advice to leadership in the implementation, evaluation, and development of the modified or new operating procedures, practices, and also policies in the specified focus functional area
  • Plans, design, and oversee operational, administrative, and strategic projects and programs, along with the services of the organization broad importance
  • Set up, establish, and implement organizational goals (whether it is long or short range) along with the strategic policies, plans, and operational procedures. It includes evaluating and monitoring operational and programmatic effectiveness, along with the required effect changes for better improvement
  • Perform different kinds of assigned job-related tasks or duties
  • Represent the organizational role in the general public, as well as taking an active responsibility within the community setting
  • Provide professional leadership and consultation to all the staffs, whether it is related to the internal concept or the external factor
  • Design, create, coordinate, and execute personnel’s training programs along with its components in relation to operating procedures, policies, and applications
  • Design, analyze, implement, and also make documentation to internal reporting procedures and also systems – it is intended for organizational and business purposes
  • Manage, provide, and oversee everyday leadership to various professional, administrative, and technical personnel engaged in specified activities or projects

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree in Business, Management, or Business Management. Any degree in the related field will be acceptable
  • Have a past experience in the managerial or senior position for at least 5 years
  • Possess applied expertise and knowledge within a professional level
    Able to work under a stressful condition or within a challenging setting
  • Possess advanced evaluative, objective, and analytical thinking skills

Interested candidates are encouraged to send their CV and a cover letter to: not later than June 7th. A recent photo will be appreciated

Senior Manager Job Description
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