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School Reunion poster

School reunions are one of the most popular nostalgia events. School reunion poster aims to invite old friends to meet again after years of not meeting sure to make its impression. What used to be a mess, now it’s neat. What used to be crumpled and neglected, now it is fragrant and elegant.

There must be a lot of changes that you and all your friends will experience. In the reunion, you can discuss many things together, laugh together, and even remember the school together.

PSD Template For School Reonion Poster

School Reunion Poster Template

  1. Choose an Attractive Template

Choosing a template school reunian postermust be engaging before you have to determine the layout starting from the design of images and text. Usually, for a school reunion, posters prioritize not only images, but also words.

However, do not dominate with words because they are not visually pleasing. Thus you can use images that beautify your visualization.

  1. Use the School Logo

You also need to include the school logo for the reunion post or to make your school alumni ties more relaxed. However, the logo shouldn’t be too big because the visualization of the poster can make your poster design cooler.

  1. Choose Unique Words To Improve Hospitality

The purpose of making school reunion posters is to increase the sense of friendship to bring together in situations of mutual learning. Usually, in signs, there are exciting words,

“Constructing the Story of Establishing a Hospitality”

“A Moment To Remember”

“Nostalgia, White Blue School”


  1. Dominated Image

School Reunion Poster is dominated by images to help get other people interested in reading it, especially when you see it from a distance. So, you choose a picture that is identical to the nuances of the school.

  1. Additional Interesting Content

Creating a school reunion event, you should also add exciting content such as holding festivals, bazaars, door prizes, and other content that will make alumni interested in attending the reunion event.

Well, usually, the content will increasingly make other people interested in meeting each other during the reunion moment.

  1. Write the Date and Year

The critical thing to consider in making a school reunion poster is to write the day, date, and year of implementation. The purpose of the poster certainly makes it easy for the audience to understand it easily.

Usually, the writing time is higher than the other writing fonts.

Well, as well as writing the place and time of implementation so that it makes it easier for readers to remember.

  1. Bright Color

A school reunion is one of the fun programs, so you have to use bright colors to make it easy to see, it can even make the reader happier to see it because it has a very bright and cheerful impression.

If you choose a dark color, don’t forget to use enough images to make the visual content of the poster more eye-catching even from a distance.

  1. Add School Names and Force Years

Don’t forget to add the name of the school and year of class; the goal is to specify who alumni are allowed to participate. With the name of the school, there will be more recognition that the alumni of the school are very well-kept.

Those are some ways to make school reunion posters that are visually appealing to their visual content to make the audience more interested.

Sample School ReunionPoster Template

School Reonion Poster Template Example

School Reonion Poster Template Design

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