3+ Romance Book Cover Templates Sample

Easy Steps to Make An Outstanding Romance Book Cover

A romance book cover is one of the most anticipated genres whose readers vary started from the teens, young adults to adults. As a result, you have to create such a well-built story so that the readers will keep reading your book until the end. Even when more people have recognized your book, they will be more interested in learning the other works created by a similar author.

Romance Book Cover Template Sample

However, a beautiful romance book cover is one of the great ideas in improving bookselling and attracting more readers to choose your book. If you find it challenging to handle the front cover page, you may read the article below. There will be easy guides and steps that you can follow to create such an entertaining romance book cover.


Five Important Steps to Make A Beautiful Romance Book Cover

Here are the five most important steps to help you create a beautiful romance book cover that is more appealing to many readers. Now, let’s get started!


  1. Add Romantic Photography

Romantic photography is the main thing you should apply to a romance book cover page. A picture speaks more than words, and then you need to choose the best image or photography carefully related to your romance book contents. As you can see, many romance books out there are earnest when it comes to cover image.

  1. Choose Best Color-Scheme Background

Using one primary color or even combining several colors onto your romance book cover will provide different results. To create such a perfect combination, you need to decide on what color you want to pick to be on the romance book cover. You may add the shades, silhouette, or other effects to make a more attractive background color.


  1. Consider to Create An Appealing Title

After finished designing image and background ideas, now you need to continue to the romance book cover title. You need to remember, that title is also as prestigious as the image as it is also parts of the book identity. So, think carefully about the appropriate title you would apply as it will be the reader’s first impression and judgment towards your book.


  1. Select Aesthetic Font Title

Creating an outstanding romance book cover means you also need to be able to choose the perfect design for the title font. In other words, you have to understand well about the aesthetic value of the font title in how they could attract more readers to choose your book than others.


  1. Get Inspired from Romance Book Cover Template

Last but not least, the critical step you could not miss is by using the romance book cover template PSD. As you should have more and more inspirations to come up with great ideas and designs, so browsing through templates will help you a lot in exploring kinds of new and unique designs.

Sample Romance Book Cover Template

To conclude, the process of creating a romance book cover will be a lot easier when it is created through a creative romance book cover PSD. The more creative the cover is, the higher the readers’ enthusiasm will be in reading the rest of the story.

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