14+ Proof of Income Letter for PDF, Word, Doc

Proof of income letter is used to give proof information about the amount of the income that you have in a paper. Usually, people who work in company or institution will automatically own this. But, if you work in the semi-formal field or not-formal scene then you may need to know about this.


What the Proof of Income Letter Is Used For

For some people, this letter is helpful and important. There are some specific cases that can only be accessed by having this proof. Some of certain cases are when someone wants to build a business or want to do a personal purpose. Being able to show this letter is important for that.

Most of people are mostly use this for bank application, when they want to open an account or registering an official account. Anything that circulating in the financial purpose must need this proof. For example, when you want to open a credit card account, you need to have this on the application.

Not only registering a credit card, if you want to make a loan or purchase an item with a very big value, then the company will usually ask the customer to bring the proof on the application. Though, it obviously can be used for many purposes yet still few of people know how to make the letter.

There are several proofs of income letter templates that you can search here. It helps you to make a first move. If you do not know how to make a proper form letter, this will help you all the way. Then, what is seems to be the first thing you need to do? Below are the templates that you can follow.


Examples of Making the Proof of Income Letter

One of the model people are mostly looking for is the proof for loan use. The template you need that is used to get the verification sign application for loan purpose has several points. These points need to be mention on the letter.

However, the arrangement of it is actually similar to write any formal bank letter. You have to write the exact date and mention the subject, to whom it is sent to. Then, state about the reason why you write letter with factual information.

Mention about your salary that you get per month. It is really a great point to attach the proof of 1 month income in the letter. This info is stated on the first paragraph. Then, on the second paragraph, mention and stating again with more emphasize that the information is true.

Always use a real data in your provided proof on the letter. Sample letter of proof income will always have a signature to give a sign that it is you who truly made it. Under the body letter and signed part, usually there will be a notary public.

It’s a sign that your income number is fact and true. You need to mention about state and the name of the country. A complete series of dates should be mention there as well. Then, the notary signature and the commission expiration date needs to be written in your proof of income letter.


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