Sample Preschool Lesson Plan Template

If you work as a teacher at a preschool, you need a preschool lesson plan. So, making a preschool lesson plan template is the first task should be done. It will be very useful to make the process of studying easer. If you have never made it before, we will help you.

How to Make a Preschool Lesson Plan Template

To make a preschool lesson plan form, you must plan a “big picture”. There are many steps you need to follow. First of all, you have to access the skills of your students. Different students may have different levels of skill. So, you have to understand their skills very well so that their skills will be improved.

You also must create a semester calendar or school year calendar. You can do this using a notebook, poster boards or computer program. It includes the start & end dates as well as holidays. You may need to label breaks & holidays and also the number every week of instruction.

Besides that, you have to select a theme for every month and also focus areas for every week. For your information, theme is a category of board as an ongoing discussion topic. On the other side, focus area is a theme subcategory or more particular instance to draw the attention of children to a theme feature.

Then, you need to write the schedule of the class daily. Usually, there are some different school day lengths such as half day & full day. The daily schedule may include the arrival, break, outdoor recess, and other schedules until lining up for home. It is very important to make the learning process runs well.

Preschool learning plan template must also include the subject areas where you focus on individual lessons & activities. It may include sharing time, oral language, book time, small group, recognition awareness, emotional, cognitive development, social, physical, or others.

You also need to arrange the subject areas in a small block of time every 10-20 minutes. It depends on the length of the school day. Whether it is half day or full day, you have to arrange the subject areas in detailed from the time of arrival to the end of the school day, line up for home.

After you plan that “big picture” properly, now you can start to fill in the lessons and activities clearly and in detailed. Every lesson and activity must connect the theme, focus area & subject area. For instance, the theme can be “All about Me” whereas the focus area may be “My Family”

The most difficult thing is making this template is about planning the lessons. Here, you have to identify the objectives, consider the interest of the current students, choose the approach, gather the materials, and implement the lessons.

Creating goals is also very important when making a preschool lesson plan template. In this case, you should make the list of learning objectives. More than all, keeping lesson fun is also very important to prevent boredom.


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