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Pool Party Birthday Theme and Invitation Templates

For their birthday celebrations, some people are opting for the party by the pool. Pool party birthday is notorious for being casual, even at times rowdy, but fun. Those who are thinking about holding this type of party for the next birthday should visit this website. It will not only help in getting to know some themes to be applied to the party but also nice invitation samples to go with it.

Pool Party Birthday template design

Pool Party Birthday Theme

  1. Casino royale

It would be interesting to hold a birthday party by the pool with the casino theme. The dress code should be as flamboyant as outfit one would find in a casino. Activities offered should be related to it too, including roulette and fancy cocktails.

  1. Tropical island

It is many people’s dream to spend a relaxing holiday on a secluded tropical island. Creating a pool party birthday based on it is not a stretch. To do it, you may want to prepare fun components such as Hawaiian lei and perhaps some tropical drinks and fruits.

  1. Castle under the sea

This theme would suit not only adults but also children. It would be fun to have a costume party based on certain sea fables. The party decoration should also match the theme being presented. Some people may also create nice food and beverage options according to the story.

  1. Summer beach holiday

The summer beach holiday is another theme that can be applied to adult and children parties. For the adult party, booze and beachside dancing event might be crucial to the party. For children, there are many options too such as building a sandcastle.

Pool Party Birthday Invitation Compositions

Here are the main things that composed a pool party birthday invitation.

  • Time and location

The invitation should state clearly when and where the party is going to be held. This information should have a specific spot in the flyer so that people would easily spot it.

  • Contact information

The contact information of the party organizer is also an important component in the flyer. This information can be utilized by the reader to send RSVP or confirming several things that might be required.

  • Party theme

An organizer should also write down the party theme and a possible list of activities to be done there. That way, the guest would be able to prepare for the event. It is going to ensure that everyone will have fun during the party.

  • Dress code

It would be easier for the guests to be told what to wear during the party, especially since this kind of party might be a little tricky. The dress code for this event must be written clearly on the invitation.

Pool Party Birthday Invitation Samples

The invitation template used must be related to the theme of the pool party being held. As examples, the castle under the sea theme should have a seawater background and picture of a castle on its design. Meanwhile, the casino theme might have predominant white and black colors with casino pictures.

Pool Party Birthday Invitation PSD Files

Are you looking for a ready to use the template that will match a specific party theme? Everyone will be able to find a template for the pool party birthday invitation here. All of the templates listed on this page are downloadable. They are in PSD format so the invitation template can be personalized according to a specific party theme by using the right software.

Pool Party Birthday template example

Pool Party Birthday template ideas
Pool Party Birthday template sample psd template for Pool Party Birthday

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