3+ Insurance Agent Rack Card tTemplates Ideas

5 Things to Attach in A Perfect Insurance Agent Rack Card

A rack card is known for its promotional feature. To strengthen the marketing strategy, you may consider using this method to help to increase the income and achieving future goals. This method is recommended for any kind of business, including the insurance agent company that requires more people to join. Thus, you can use an insurance agent rack card.

PSD Insurance Agent Rack Card Template

If you are a beginner and pretty interested to create one, you may download the free insurance agent rack card template that will ease you adding some designs into it. Not only the design, but you also need to recognize what kinds of important things included in a proper insurance agent rack card. Find out more about it by reading the article below.


5 Important Things to Include in An Insurance Agent Rack Card

After you have downloaded the insurance agent rack card template, now it is time for you to ensure things in the list below are included in the rack card.

  1. Company’s name and logo

First of all, it is the company’s name and logo. In other words, you may use the company’s name as the title of the insurance agent rack card template PSD. Also, make sure you use the coolest and readable font style. Then, after you have finished with the title, you may insert the logo which is also part of the important identities of the company.

  1. Agency brief info

Going on, the second thing you need to include is a brief explanation of your insurance agency. Here, ensure you only create a brief yet appealing paragraph that could talk about the agency’s history, the main field, and most importantly why people should choose your company.

  1. Best insurance features and services

The brief info about the company has been done. However, it may seem not that convincing to people. Then, you can provide a space in your editable insurance agent rack card PSD template for listing out the company’s best features and services. Highlight the latest and most interesting features only to attract more people.

  1. Call to action

A call to action is not a must. However, if you consider using this, then you can create such a well-prepared and interesting insurance agent rack card. It can be in the form of a voucher as a gift to customers or any other methods. A call to action section will create such a follow-up from the agency to the customer.

  1. Company’s location and contact person

The other important section is the exact location of the company. In other words, not only adding the complete address of the agency, but you also need to attach the illustrated map for a clearer direction. Also, don’t forget to attach as many contact persons as you can, such as phone number, email, social media, and many more.

Insurance Agent Rack Card Template Sample

So, if you are going to design an insurance agent rack card, make sure you attach the important things above. If you include all of the things listed above, then you will be able to create such an amazing insurance agent rack card template design.

Insurance Agent Rack Card Design Ideas

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