3+ Fashion Rack Card Templates Ideas

Tips And Tricks To Make A Fashion Rack Card

A fashion rack card is one type of promotional media commonly used by designers. Its rack card used because of its small size makes it simple to carry or share. The information inside the rack card is dense and specific so it is efficient as a promotional media.

Fashion Rack Card Template Example

To make a rack card did use several design applications such as Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator. But if you don’t want to bother making and thinking about designs, use designs that are available on the internet, both free and paid.

Purpose of Use A Fashion Rack Card

A rack card is an effective and efficient advertising media, including for promotion. Besides that, the fashion rack card template PSD also functions to promote new products that are being highlighted at your boutique, to update what’s hot, new, and trendy on the fashion industry today. So you will never miss fashion trends. People will know the latest trends at affordable prices according to their budget.

Because the aim is to introduce new types of products, information that should be available includes product images, a brief description of the product, the percentage of the sale, and the promotion period.

Make A Chic Fashion Rack Card

To make a rack card related to fashion, the main thing to consider is design. The design describes how the quality of the products you sell and also gives an overall picture of the type of product in your boutique. Some designs used to make fashion rack card PSD design, i.e.:

  1. Seasonal Fashion

You can promote the latest products in your boutique according to the season. For example, introducing autumn collections and winter collections with a variety of fur clothes made from thick and beautiful colors. Summer collections with a variety of colorful bikinis, or loose shirts. Spring collections with a variety of floral, leaf, or tree motifs.

  1. Rustic

To make a rack card adjusted to the type of fashion products that will be highlighted. For example fashion with a rustic theme, you can use a rack card design from a blend of typical rustic colors.

  1. Glamor

You can also make a rack card design look glamorous using illustrations of dresses with bold colors and jewelry accessories. For example, putting an illustration of a dress with a white base to highlight only the dress products.

  1. Color Palette

If the current fashion trend is just a shirt with a simple design and one color tone, the rack card design is also sufficient with a simple design with one or two color alloys. You can use a variety of colors.

  1. Abstract

At present, there are also abstract clothing designs, this type of abstract design used for various conditions and situations attended. People who choose abstract designs are characterized by bold and confident personalities.

PSD Template For Fashion Rack Card

You can explore various designs to make fashion rack cards according to the type of fashion that is trending today.

Fashion Rack Card Design PSD

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