Family Tree Template Sample

Family Tree Template Sample

Family tree is a form of visually documenting someone’s ancestry. Usually, it includes a box for individual and the boxes are connected each other to indicate the relationships. If you want to make a family tree template, you need to pay attention to the following discussion in this article.

How to Make Family Tree Template

To create a family tree form, you can start from yourself & then build backwards. Alternatively, start with older generation like grandparents and then build downwards. Before starting, you have to decide first how many generations to show.

Now, you can start drawing from yourself backward. It is also possible to start from the oldest one downward. It depends on your desire. Each individual will be showed with a box that is connected to others using lines which indicate relationships.

After that, add others including spouses, siblings, ancestors, and descendants. Besides names, you can also add birth dates for each name. If needed, you can also add pictures & anything else that may enhance the family tree. To make it easy to understand, one page must represent one generation.

Tips to Make Family Tree Template

Even though creating a family tree is not difficult, you still need some tips here. First of all, you have to plan the family tree. You have to determine what you will do with it. For example, you can print it out, frame it for display, share it electronically, etc.

Besides that, you also need to determine the complexity level. You must know the detail level you want to portray in your family tree. It will determine the research or level you will need. In addition, this also affects the box size and the whole design of your family tree.

Then, do your homework. To make an in-depth family tree, sometimes you should contact individuals in your family. Even more, sometimes there is a relative who already has the documented family tree so that you just need to copy or update it.

Last, you have to know your audience. A family tree depicts relationships & bloodlines of family. It also documents history which may not be known by other people. So, before you reveal it, you have to make sure that you really know who will view your family tree.

Family Tree Template Samples

There are types of family tree. The first is horizontal family tree. Here, the family tree is made from the left to the right where the left is from the oldest one whereas the right is the younger ones. In this family tree, the horizontal lines indicate a marriage.

Then, there are some brackets from the couples to the lower set of the box. They indicate the children from the marriage. Mostly, family tree is made horizontally. However, some are made vertically. For the vertical one, here is the explanation.

Like the horizontal one, vertical family tree starts from the top for the oldest one. Then, the lower boxes are for the younger ones. If you have understood, now you can practice creating your own family tree template.


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