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Daily Checklist Template and how to make it awesome in Excel

A To-do list is one of the best ways for you to manage your daily activities. Moreover, it should not take hours to set up. You can spend to set this daily checklist template with the flexibility to work. In other words, you need to jot down your tasks to make your daily activities easy to do for many purposes.

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This template will be different from the process because it is a list of errands or tasks and it is usually written as a memory aid, detailing what one needs to accomplish. Because of that, you can choose the best daily checklist template printable by keeping it well-organized and making everything much more controllable.

How to create a daily checklist template in Excel 

You can create this template in Microsoft Excel without any difficulties. On this idea, you need to focus on the cell borders where it is the simplest and fastest way to create a checklist. In this part, you only need to design the size of the column containing checkboxes so that they will appear square on the template.

daily checklist in word

Furthermore, it is also easy to customize by copying and pasting the items on the template. This daily checklist template idea can be used for any activities such as wedding and camping checklist. Next, you can set the special Unicode characters in the Data validation list to make the template easy for reading.

How to make a daily checklist template easy to read

Besides, if you want to make this daily checklist easy to read, you also can add column headers on the template. In this idea, you can add headers like tasks, priority, and status, due date, owner, and so forth. Moreover, you also need to make sure that you have columns for tasks and done at the very least to make it easy to fill.

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After that, you can fill your task and priority information on your daily checklist template Printable idea. To make it easy to understand, you can highlight the column headers and in the Home tab, in the Alignment group, you can click the center icon to center the text. This part will help the readers to do your activities.

Add the checkboxes on your daily checklist template

If you want to add the checkboxes on your template, you can click the file option and select customize the ribbon in the pop-up box. Next, on the right side, under the main tabs, you can check the box next to the developer and click ok. After that, you should see a new developer tab in your Excel life to see the great design.

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You can click the developer tab, click Insert, and select the checkbox icon in the form controls section. The checkbox with some text usually will appear on the sheet. In this idea, you can right-click in the text to enable editing. In this part, you also can either delete the text or add something else on your daily checklist template layout.

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Make detail information on the daily checklist template

Last, you only need to arrange detailed information on your daily checklist template. With this information, you will get the satisfaction to do many tasks in your daily activities without any difficulties.

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Daily Checklist Template Sample

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