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Cruise Ticket Templates and Guides

If you are in the sailing industry, one of the most common ways to invites people to go traveling with your ships is by selling a cruise ticket. This kind of ticket should have a professional design and an attractive look. We have some guidelines and templates for your references.

Cruise Raffle Ticket Template Ideas

How to Create a Cruise Ticket

If you want to make this kind of ticket on your own, it is better to use our PSD cruise tickets because it will be much more efficient. However, you will still need to know what to include in it. You can start with the name of the ticket. For example, it is a “VIP Boarding Pass” ticket.

Then, you also have to provide call-to-action. Do not forget to include the ticket number. In addition, you cannot forget to write the name of your company. Under your company’s name should be its street address. Make sure that you state your company’s address completely and clearly.

You may also need to dedicate a space on the cruise ticket PSD for RSVP. Do not forget to provide your contact details such as phone number and email address. If there is any other important information, you have to include it, too.

Tips for Creating a Cruise Ticket

In creating a ticket, there are some important tips to consider. This kind of ticket should have a simple design. So, it cannot be too crowded with unnecessary things. However, at the same time, it must be informative. So, make sure that you only include the needed information.

You are allowed to add images on the PSD cruise ticket template design. However, it should be in a small size. Besides that, the images should also be relevant. One more, you have to think about the size. Make sure that you make this kind of ticket in the standard size.

Cruise Ticket Template Samples

This article contains a collection of customizable templates that will work for your desired ticket. One of the examples is a cruise invitation ticket template. Besides that, there is also a cruise travel ticket template. The next template sample is a cruise raffle ticket.

Cruise Raffle Ticket Template Design

In relation to the PSD cruise ticket designs; there are many options you can choose. Some of the template designs available are such as vintage, modern, classic, and many more. In choosing the template, you have to consider many things such as theme, layout, etc.

How to Use Cruise Ticket Templates

You need an effective tool to make a ticket. In the case of a cruise, we have many PSD customizable templates for you. All of the templates can be downloaded for free, edited with ease, and printed anytime you want. So, just feel free to pick your preferred template available here.

PSD Template For Cruise Raffle Ticket

After finding the most appropriate template, you can edit texts, change colors, and even add images based on the required contents. Make sure that you proofread it first before printing out the cruise ticket. Finally, you can start selling the tickets.


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