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Contact Sheet Template and how to make it different 

A contact sheet is one of the essential parts of recent times. This idea will be a throwback to film days, especially with negatives. This idea will be a quick way to preview all of the images on a film converted to normal positive images. Therefore, you need a contact sheet template to make it look impressive to read.

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Besides, this contact also still has its uses in the age of digital photography so that you will need a lightroom library to create this template. You should not worry because the contact sheet template design will lead you to design the satisfaction contact sheet. Because of that, you need to create this template properly.

How to create a contact sheet template in the lightroom

To make this contact sheet impressive, you can create it in the lightroom. In this part, you can choose the photos that you would like to include in your contact sheet. Next, you will be navigated to the photos you want to use. You can switch from the library module to the print module without any difficulties.

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In the print module, you will see a template browser panel at far left. The contact sheet template idea will be better when you select the folder or the collection that contains the images to add to the contact sheet. The best template has a great layout such as two with square image cells 4 x 8 and 5 x 8 for the sheet.

How to make a contact sheet template easy to read

Furthermore, if you have a plan to print this contact sheet into the JPG file, you can choose Print to JPG file. As a contact sheet has no full-scale images, you can select to use a draft mode printing to speed up the creation. The page dimension also will be preset for 8.5 x 11 in. In this part, you can set your own custom file dimension.

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Besides, you also can select one image in the Filmstrip and the contact sheet template layout will display one image. In this part, you will need to select all the images on the filmstrip to add them to the contact sheet. The toolbar also will show you to make a great page and click the arrow keys on the toolbar to navigate the pages.

Remember to add the image captions on the contact sheet template

You can add information below the images from the page panel on the right. After that, you can select the Photo info Checkbox and choose the field to display. You can use one of the preset options such as Caption, date, or filename. Besides, you also can click edit to create your own field without any difficulties.

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After that, in the text template editor, you can access to fields like the filename, sequential numbering or date as well as EXIF and IPTC data. In this part, you can type your text to create a detailed photo to add to the contact sheet template idea design.

Customize the contact sheet template

Last, you only need to customize the contact sheet template suitable for your needs. You can adjust the maximum cell size and width using the cell size height and width sliders in the layout panel a well.

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Contact Sheet Template Sample 


contact sheet customizable word design template

contact sheet example word design

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