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The good resume should contain an objective statement which able to make the employer interest read your resume. The objective statement is usually present your personality and ability. It can be your lucky when calling for an interview. To create an objective statement, the job seeker must have the creativity in writing with no subjective perception. Avoiding the careless from a recruiter is important. Now, pay attention to the tips below to create yout best construction resume objective.

Tips to create the objective statement

When you start to write the objective statement, there are several rules that you should follow.

  1. The specification of the job. Learn the employer requirements before you applying for the job. It will help you to adjust your skill.
  2. Show your good character through the wise statement and avoid the multi-interpretation words.
  3. Be confident with your resume by telling your competency and the strength of yourself. It will increase the interest of the recruiter
  4. Don’t forget to always develop your knowledge especially about the job description that you apply.


7 Examples The Objective Statement.

  1. Looking for a construction worker for GTY Construction Company. The dedicated person and fit physically with bringing the ability to managing the construction materials. Knowing some techniques to make the work run efficiently. Hope my skills can develop here.
  2. Energetic and active construction work is needed for each project of HD Group. Besides that, the worker also should know the building concept to doing this job. Based on my skills, I am available to become the construction and can bring out customer satisfaction.
  3. The strong individual with six years experiences working in the construction field. Having a wide network with materials store, knowing several methods, and able to work in a team. I hope my abilities can be utilized optimally to obtain this job position.
  4. An experienced worker for construction with nine years experiences. Believing in some projects like a mall, hotel, known residence, and the institution office. Mastering some techniques in construction which is so beneficial to efficient the time. I am ready to learn more in Royale Construction Company.
  5. An individual is looking for the position as a construction worker in Silver Company. Coming with the skill in keeping the environment during work and able to manage the equipment stock. Hope my skills will be improved during working in this place.
  6. The commitment person who able to managing the construction budget and knowing the customer want. I am seeking the construction worker position for Young Group. The capability in operating some machines also important for this job. I am ready with my skills in running the project.
  7. To obtain the construction worker position that brings out the capability to lead the project, managing the materials availability and having the fit physic. My ability will be utilized maximally for this job position and can be brought out the betterment for the company.

Create your objective statement based on your creativity. You can modify one of the objectives stated above. Say to yourself that doing a dream job is fun. Good luck for you all.

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