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Company Catalog Guidelines with Editable PSD Templates

A catalog means a list of items sold by a company. The items are arranged systematically. It aims to ease buyers to find their desired products to buy. If you start a company, you will need a company catalog to promote or advertise your products. Here are the detailed guidelines and best templates.

Company Catalog Design templates

The Purposes of a Company Catalog

A catalog helps to understand a company better. In the PSD company catalog, you have many things to say in the best way. You just need to keep it readable and eye-catching. Therefore, people can read it clearly and are interested to buy your products.

Types of a Company Catalog

A company catalog PSD can be created in different types. So, you have to understand different types of a catalog. The first is an alphabetical catalog. It is arranged alphabetically with the writer’s name title, and many more details of the needed information.

The second type is a card catalog. In this kind of catalog, you list library books alphabetically in a card form. Another type is a book catalog. It contains entries for books printed & bound in a form of a book. After you understand it all, you can start creating a catalog.

The Contents of a Company Catalog

You have to fulfill our PSD company catalog template with the following details. Firstly, you have to add the image of each product you sell. Secondly, you should include the list of the products you sell. Thirdly, you also need to add the features of each product.

Company Catalog Design PSD

Besides, the details of your company must be added, too. In addition, a catalog should contain the customer information. For the next content, you should add miscellaneous information to help customers to make the right decision in buying their desired products.

Step by Step on Creating a Company Catalog

With our PSD company catalog template, you should follow these steps. First of all, you must gather the required elements such as the relevant pictures, product descriptions, etc. Second of all, you should determine the catalog. Make sure that it is precise, short, and to-the-point.

Company Catalog Design Ideas

After that, you need to select a template that is appropriate for your business. In choosing the template, you should consider the color, format, layout, etc. For the next step, you must organize your content. It depends on the type of business you run and the products/services you sell.

Then, you must consider a cover page of the company catalog PSD template. It creates the first impression from your clients or customers. Last but not least, you can directly print it out when the template is ready. You can also directly distribute the catalog to a wide public for promotion.

Professional Company Catalog Sample Templates

The following sample templates may be suitable for your desired company catalog. In this article, you can find a cleaning service company catalog, real estate catalog, photography studio catalog, construction company catalog, home product catalog, restaurant catalog, book store catalog, & others.

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