Sample Child Travel Consent Form

How to Make a Good Child Travel Consent Form?

Sometimes, the child needs to have a travel. In common, their school makes the annual journey in order to close the academic calendar. Well, when we are talking about the travel of children, of course we cannot deny to talk about the detail of the child travel consent form.

Yes, you need to that the authority will ask the consent from the parents before making the planning of child travel. It is an important matter because the children need someone to handle their need. With the form, it means that the parents give the rules to the authority to keep their children.

Ways to Make the Form of Child Travel Consent

Some details above show that this form is important to make as the way to keep the safe of children. Well, when you want to make this kind of form, there are some ways that you need to know. In this occasion, we will show you how to make this form by showing its elements.

The elements of it to include inside the form are:

  • The name of children

The first and the most important matter inside the good child travel consent form to write is about the name of the children. Yes, it is very important to write because the name of the children will show the specific address of the form is.

In other hand, you need to be careful in writing the name of the children. Please make sure that you write the name of the children fully. Then, you also need to be sure that the written name of the children is same with the name that is shown in the identification.

  • Date and place of birth

The second element of the form of child travel consent is the date and the place of birth of the children. It is also an important basic information to be shown about the children. In this matter, you need to make sure that you insert the right information about it.

  • Passport information

The third matter in making the form of child travel consent is the information of passport. It is important especially when the children will have abroad journey. However, we think that this point should not be mentioned for the local travel.

Well, about the information of passport, there are some matters to shown. Some of important information here are number, issue date, expired date and the country of issue. Please make sure that the information of it is right and based on the legal document.

  • Consent receiver

The next element of this form is the consent receiver. It is an important point that should be written well. This points tell about the person or a company that have authority to keep the children during the travel after their parents give consent.

  • Contact information

The lass element of good child travel consent form is the contact information. This point shows the phone number or other matters that the parent could use to ask about the condition of their children.

Well, that is all about the elements of child travel consent form to know. Since it is an important form, you need to be careful in the way of making it.



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