9 Examples Of Cheerleading Certificate Templates

9 Examples Of Cheerleading Certificate Templates

Cheerleaders in charge of leading the shouts to encourage and motivate the crowd. Usually to be a cheerleader is not easy because it requires gymnastic skills. If a cheerleading team wins a competition, it will be given a cheerleading awards certificates and cheerleading awards trophies. To create a cheerleading certificate is easy because there are now many websites that provide certificate templates. So you can simply edit the certificate template to your liking.

Cheerleading Certificate Template Example

9 Examples Of Cheerleading Certificate Templates

There are several examples of cheerleading certificates that you can make to make beautiful cheerleading certificates. The following sample certificate template:

  1. Cheerleading award certificate

This cheerleading certificate template uses a beautiful cheerleading image located on the right while on the other side in terms of text in green and black. The use of attractive and bright colors in this image also makes it more interesting.

  1. Cheerleading participation certificates

While this certificate template, for the upper part there is a circle pattern in blue, downward, there are waves like graphics on the background that are pure white. This certificate template is perfect for the school team cheerleading award.

  1. Cheerleading achievement certificate

This one cheerleading certificate template displays a bright blue border and sky blue border that are close together around a white background consisting of an illustration of a cheerleader in the lower right corner. The use of bright red to highlight certain texts makes it quite interesting.

  1. Cheerleading Certificate

This template uses beautiful cheerleading illuminations on the white background and bright red headers. use a blue horizontal line and there is a circle at the top and bottom so that it gives a different look.

  1. Cheerleading certificate for online

This cheerleading certificate template has two gold badges located on both sides that are nice red, this template also has a watermark with a picture of a schoolboy. For parts of the text that are dark blue make a perfect appearance.

  1. Certificate of appreciation for cheerleading

This certificate uses intricate patterns on the white background with illustrated images like supportive leaders. The use of pink in this text makes a difference from the others.

  1. Cheerleading participation certificates

This cheerleading certificate has the best part, with a green border on a white background that displays blue text and a bright red header section. The presence of a small speaker image at the top left and a red badge image on the bottom center makes it more interesting.

  1. Cheerleading completion certificate

This one certificate template has a monochrome colored scheme with small text in the middle that is red and also bright blue. For the use of exceptional fonts for the header section that makes it interesting.

  1. Unique cheerleading certificate

For this cheerleading certificate template, this one uses blue, yellow, brown, and also green. while for the white background and the sides it uses yellow and is more interesting because there is a funny picture.

Cheerleading Certificate Design PSD

For those who want to make a cheerleading certificate, there are now many websites that provide a lot of cheerleading certificate templates that you can edit yourself, according to your wishes.

Cheerleading Certificate Design Template

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