3+ Birthday Calender Templates Ideas

Remember Your Beloved Birthday With Birthday Calender

Birthdays are special days that are only celebrated once a year by everyone. Of course, everyone wants someone important in his life to remember their birthdays. With the birthday calender, then you will not forget the birthday of a loved one.

This calendar helps you to record every birthday of a friend, girlfriend, or another family member. So you don’t need to bother remembering and give more free time to prepare gifts and surprises for them. That way, they will be pleased because you remember their birthdays. Sometimes a birthday is a small thing, but for some people, a little attention to remembering their birthday is something extraordinary.

PSD Birthday Party Calender Template

How To Make Cute Birthday Calender

You can find a lot of creative birthday calender PSD design ideas on the Internet. This document is not an official document, so you can make it as beautiful and attractive as you want. To make this calendar, you can use several applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, or other forms, both offline and online. To make this calendar, the steps you have to do is:

  1. Set Your Unique Design

Before you create your birthday calender, decide in advance what kind of design you will make. Make a simple picture, do you want your calendar color and contains a variety of funny stickers or just enough with a dull appearance.

  1. Open Your Software/Application

After determining the design, you can start making it using some of the applications that you think are the easiest to use. In addition to offline software, there is also online software for creating designs such as CANVA.

  1. Create Time Information

This timeline made by adjusting how many people you will enter your birthday calender PSD. If you are going to make an annual calendar, monthly, weekly, or even daily.

Samples of Birthday Calender

There are countless examples and types of this calendar available on the Internet. There are many cute and unique colors and designs that you can use. Examples include:

  1. Employee Birthday Sample

Because the use of this calendar is for companies that have many employees. Of course, the design used is more straightforward, usually made for one year from January to December. Also, there is the identity of the company name.

  1. Free Staff Birthday

In addition to marking the date for one year, you can also create an employee birthday list using the month format. So only the name of the employee whose birthday written in a particular month. This sample, you can make it use a more attractive design because it has less content.

  1. Floral Birthday Calender

An example of this birthday calendar is a birthday list for one month. So there is only information on a particular month and date from 1-31, then the name of the person who has a birthday on that day, and adds floral layout.

You can also create a birthday calendar PSD design using an application available in play store so you can create reminders automatically on your mobile.

Birthday Calender Sample Template

Birthday Party Calender Template Sample

Sample Birthday Party Calender Template

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