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How to Write Bill of Sale Form with Easy Ways?

Do you ever hear about the detail of bill of sale form? Well, the bill of sale is kind of document that verifies you have sold your car and then provide the basic information about the vehicle and the term of sale. Something that you need to know, not all states need this matter.

However, it is a good idea when you have desire to make it in order to prevent the misunderstanding between you and the buyer of the car. In this occasion, we will talk about the ways to make this kind of form. By knowing this matter, of course creating this form will be easier to do.

Writing a Bill of Sale for a Car

As we have said before, a bill of sale will be an important document, especially as the preventing from the misunderstanding between you and the buyer. Well, in order to make this document, there are some points that you need to write include it.

The kinds of the document that you need to write down inside this form are:

  • The date of the sale

The first point to write inside the bill of sale is the date of sale. It is an important matter that you need to write in order to make a clear statement about the transaction. This point tells that the transaction is legal and of course the time of the transaction is clear.

  • A description of the car

The second matter about the bill of sale to write is the description of the car. It is an important section that you also need to write it clearly. The description of the car will tell about the detail condition of the car in order to make the buyer knows the car’s real condition.

Well, talking about the description of the car, there are some points that you need to write. The points inside this section are:

  • The tear, make and model of the car
  • The identification number of the car
  • The current mileage of the car
  • The license plate number of the car
  • Selling price of car

The next matter to write in making the good bill of sale form is the selling price of the car. This section is very important to write. When you write it, of course you will make a clear information about the price, so the buyer will be easier in fulfilling their transaction.

  • Warranty information

The information of warranty also becomes the part of nice bill of sale form to write. The warranty should be stated clearly, so the buyer could claim when they find any damage of the car after the transaction.

  • Identity of buyer and seller

The last section is the identity of the seller and buyer. In this section, you need to write down the full names, addresses and signature of the buyer and seller. This section is also important in order to show the kind of approval.

Well, that is all about ways to make the bill of sale form. You are able to do some researches in order to find the sample of it.



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