Barbershop Letterhead free psd template

The Barbershop Letterhead to Do Formal Correspondence for the Barbershop Business


A barbershop business could be promising when it is well-managed. The management of the business is not only about the equipment and the hair models but also the correspondence matters. Using the barbershop letterhead is a way to manage the correspondence well. The barbershop letterhead template PSD is a choice for those who don’t have much time to create.

PSD Template For Barbershop Letterhead

The barbershop letterhead PSD design alternates the users to provide the best selection of the letterhead for the business. It is adjustable by using the design graphic programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. You can cut your time and cost in gaining the letterhead for the correspondence matters.


What Should be Considered to Have a Barbershop Letterhead?

Before you choose a letterhead as an official one for your business correspondence, there are several things to be considered. It is about the size of the letterhead you apply to the letter. The best size of it is 900px by 100px that could be used for web matters. The template about it is also various. But, the most popular one is the centered layout that is easily adjusted.

What about the resolution of the letterhead? An excellent letterhead usually uses at least 300 dpi. It is fine to use a bigger resolution than that. You can adjust it well after revising what you need in a template of letterhead on a graphic design program. The PSD template is recommended to do so.


  1. What Do You Need to Revise in a Barbershop LetterheadTemplate?

After downloading the template of the letterhead, you may need some adjustments to the letterhead. What you need to consider is below.

  • The background of the letterhead should be in a dark tone. It is to strike the design well. The dark color will enhance the information in the letterhead.
  • The footer of the letter is also considerable. You need to create a footer to balance the letterhead. Make sure that you use the same color as the header or letterhead’s background for the footer.
  • The images or photos are essential for framing the letter. Choose the representative photo for your business.
  • Don’t forget the border to tie up the letterhead. The icons are also valuable for the letters.

Those are what you need to consider before using the letterhead.


  1. You Need to Decide the Letterhead into Columns

The design of the letterhead template can be divided into columns to figure out the proportionate for the letter you will send. It is vital to make the letter look balanced and professional.


The colors, layout, fonts, and images are the parts of the letterhead. But, if you hesitate to mix

and match them into a good one, you can make the letterhead simple. It is the best choice to decrease the kinky look of the letterhead.

Barbershop Letterhead Template Design


The barbershop letterhead is available on the internet that the users can choose the best for their business. The PSD template is recommended.

Barbershop Letterhead Template Example

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