3+ Corporate Letterhead template sample

Look More Professional By Using Corporate Letterhead for Your Business Letters


The corporate letterhead is essential to be used since business letters speak more than what is in them. If you are running a business, gaining the colleague and client as well as their attention will be easier through the stunning letterhead. The creative corporate letterhead template PSD is the best choice to do so.

Corporate Letterhead Template Sample

This corporate letterhead PSD allows you to have a creative look at the letter that could increase the sense of authenticity of your company when sending the business letters to the clients and colleagues. Then, this authenticity may impact to the image of your professionalism. Do you want to know more about this kind of letterhead?


Use the Corporate Letterhead to Other Documents of the Company

Who says that the letterhead is only for the official letters of the company? It can be used not only for the corporate letters but also for others such as memos and notes. It is a kind of pre-printed heading that could give the professional look of the documents. Moreover, the letterhead of the corporate could keep the branding consistent.

The prospective clients will easily catch out on your company’s brand through the letterhead you use when you send them the business letters. Your custom letterhead helps the business legitimate. Make sure that you use a creative and unique letterhead for the letters and other correspondences. It is to get authenticity and to stand out the brand of your company.


  1. The Tips of Creating Corporate Letterhead You can Use

If you are intended to make your letterhead for the correspondence issues, here are the tips.

  • You need to mix the contrasting colors for the letterhead. Ensure that the border, header, and key parts of the body text are in contrasting colors. It is a part of the trend to stand out the brand of the company.
  • Since letterhead is also a part of marketing, you have to set the logo of your business on the letterhead. It is to be recognizable due to business communications.
  • Borders are important parts of the letters. They can tie the design of the letterhead of your letters. The colorful borders are vital for the letters.


  1. Set Your Letter More than What it Should be

After creating the letterhead, the design of the letter is also considerable. The header of the letterhead needs to be in a geometric shape. This shape could be eye-catching for the recipients.

Corporate Letterhead Template Ideas

Then, the directional cues are also crucial to guide the readers to the focus of your letter. The cues can flow the information added in the letter. But, make sure that you keep them in a simple way. If you are overwhelmed to create the letterhead and design the letter, templates on the internet are a good choice to download.

Sample Corporate Letterhead Template


The corporate letterhead template will make your job easier in providing the letterhead for your business matters.


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