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Bake Sale Flyer with Attractive Design and More Samples

Bake and food industry is a tough business. Even though you have unique bake and cake, there are always competitors that can do better. In order to gain more customers, you must implement several marketing strategies. One of them is using a bake sale flyer.

You might be in a food business but do not have an idea about the design. That is the issue you must overcome. Hiring a designer will cost your budget. As an alternative, you should consider the readymade flyer template for the bake sale. The template is easy to customize into any design that you want.

bake sale flyer design psd

Bake Sale Flyer Design and Concept

Before exploring more samples for bake sale flyer, you should understand the way this flyer works and how to create the most effective one. One of the old methods in the promotional media is the flyer. It is paper with a fancy design containing the related product you offer. For the bake sale, you put the baked product, price sale, and service. This is the basic concept of flyers for this business.

The design can have several variations from the basic text with several words and sentences to the most exquisite flyer in full colored paper. Of course, you must consider the design to reflect your business. Bake sale should have an attractive design but easy to understand. People only read the flyer at glance, which means the content should be readable in a short time.

Some flyers are still old-fashioned papers that the company prints directly. You can hire people to share, spread, and hand over it directly to the customer. This kind of flyer is still reliable, but you should not forget about digital media. You can promote the bake sale via social media, website, and other digital platforms, including delivery service.

Bake Sale Flyer Main Content

Bake sale flyer has an outline that’s useful before preparing content. The designer creates the template based on the outline. Check the following list for more explanation about flyer contents.

  1. Business name

The flyer promotes bake sale which means people must know what business name you have. It is like personal identification that influences the rest of the content. The name should be simple and easy to remember. If you have a long name, make sure to write in a short and simple way.


  1. Offer, price, and discount

Fancy design is not enough without an interesting offer. In this case, you must enlist bake sale you promise such as offer, price, and discount. People like discount and sale is the right method to attract their interest.


  1. Contact info and address

The last part should be in the flyer is contact info. The address is optional as long as people know how to order and contact your business.

Bake Sale Flyer Sample Template

The template for the flyer is an excellent choice because you do not have to worry about the design and outline. You only focus on your business, product, service, and sale. You just find the right sample and edit it to be on your own. That’s a benefit for having a readymade template for creating a flyer.

Bake Sale Flyer PSD Template

Most templates for the flyer utilizes PSD format. It is the file type you can access through Photoshop. Bake sale flyer template has layers for each object, such as the picture, text, color, and background. For editing, you just replace one or a few of them.

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